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Thomas Praytor

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Born: Feb 28, 1990
Home: Mobile, AL



ARCA Menards Series Owner Statistics

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ARCA Menards Series

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2015Mike Abram 000000002632.0 00.00
2015Thomas Praytor 200020254030818.316.8192,507.84
2016Chris Bailey, Jr. 100000178002825.226.72322.50
2016Dick Doheny 100001003420.023.001.00
2016Thomas Praytor 200040258500517.214.4192,566.33
2016Brad Smith 100001400631.032.0035.00
2016Chase Storch 5000013004623.825.8010.10
2017Thomas Praytor 200000243400719.718.1172,393.93
2018Jesse Iwuji 100008003321.025.0012.00
2018Ronnie Osmer 10000210010439.039.0052.50
2018Thomas Praytor 40000506003721.518.03638.20
2019Thomas Praytor 1000073007718.020.00194.20
2020Thomas Praytor 1000080006122.011.01200.01
2021Thomas Praytor 10000760010020.017.01202.21
7 years860060852930 20.318.8629,135.612