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Ted Chamberlain

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Born: May 15, 1906     Died: Oct 21, 1970
Home: St. Petersburg, FL



NASCAR Cup Series Owner Statistics

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NASCAR Cup Series

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1949Ted Chamberlain 20000148010044 12.0074.00
1950Ted Chamberlain 5002052102506118.016.81514.00
1951Ted Chamberlain 2001000125  10.500.00
1952Ted Chamberlain 160050270308501119.614.5121,830.80
1953Ted Chamberlain 9003057205002628.019.21442.20
1954Ted Chamberlain 100010159604753216.720.081,423.00
1954Slick Smith 1000011402527 14.0185.50
1957Ted Chamberlain 500109030550 31.024.63737.50
1958Ted Chamberlain 9001080906805120.317.46403.50
1959Ted Chamberlain 1000068050 13.018.0017.00
9 years6000140743403,605 21.217.4325,527.40