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Sam Fogle

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Born: Aug 05, 1934     Died: May 09, 2001
Home: Columbia, SC



NASCAR Cup Series Owner Statistics

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NASCAR Cup Series

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1965Doug Cooper 100001240110198.013.0062.00
1965Curtis Crider 100101570225 12.08.01141.30
1965Darel Dieringer 300001290320316.717.0064.50
1965Bob Grossman 10000130175 18.016.0029.90
1965Elmo Henderson 100001010130994.011.0050.50
1965Harvey Jones 1011019502759721.05.0197.50
1965Possum Jones 100000010013617.023.000.00
1965Bud Moore 1001037602254913.08.01141.00
1965J.T. Putney 100102330175719.08.0146.60
1965Ned Setzer 100007001104310.013.0163.00
1965Samuel Smith 10000108011010217.013.0054.00
1965Cale Yarborough 110050159332,1051011.715.05735.80
1965LeeRoy Yarbrough 3000023401203710.320.00108.50
1 year270190333334,180 12.914.6101,594.50