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Ratus Walters

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Home: Sandy Springs, MD



NASCAR Cup Series Owner Statistics

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NASCAR Cup Series

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1958Elmo Langley 2000012401953931.031.00115.00
1959Elmo Langley 130120169402,2802812.323.241,313.80
1959Jimmy Mairs 10000202075 15.023.00101.00
1959Pedro Rodriguez 100101440300 10.06.01144.00
1960Elmo Langley 4000035805005424.535.80437.00
1960Bill Morgan 1001018301301259.010.0091.50
1961Hoss Kagle 10000201251306.017.000.50
1961Reds Kagle 3001072001,4955419.021.01963.00
1961Bill Morgan 3001069201,2254713.016.32756.30
1961Jimmy Thompson 10000113020011834.047.00169.50
1962George Alsobrook 4001037408256923.522.02707.00
1962Larry Frank 19128035668531,4101415.218.1113,506.02
1962Elmo Langley 3000026909754028.726.31412.50
1962Ralph Moody 10000107513724.025.000.50
1962Jim Reed 4011091901,0307011.819.31780.70
1963Johnny Allen 5000045901,2755915.626.00374.70
1963Elmo Langley 10000801003926.026.004.00
1963Jim Reed 10000290501398.019.0014.50
1964Elmo Langley 1000011901004213.011.00107.10
7 years691416099768542,365 16.822.0239,998.62