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Pete Stewart

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Born: Aug 12, 1931     Died: Jun 26, 2013
Home: Statesville, NC



NASCAR Cup Series Owner Statistics

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NASCAR Cup Series

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1954Pete Stewart 100007700196 24.0038.50
1956Billy Carden 1000014701002223.017.0073.50
1956Jim Mundy 1000010405023924.019.0178.00
1956Pete Stewart 30000756023510825.014.72355.90
1963Perk Brown 20010233030011215.520.5168.50
1963Darel Dieringer 301209460840713.07.33424.80
1963Ralph Earnhardt 100005904509426.039.0088.50
1963Bobby Keck 7002088301,3306520.618.92428.90
1963Jimmy Pardue 441515180697412,875612.513.9236,006.01
1963Pete Stewart 2000078015012417.021.01108.90
1963Joe Weatherly 1000023025015.019.009.20
1964Darel Dieringer 10000570501110.022.0028.50
1964Pete Stewart 4000071801,7905130.821.02621.00
4 years7116201121507418,420 15.515.7358,330.21