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Mike Hillman

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Born: Aug 27, 1957
Home: Mooresville, NC



Craftsman Truck Series Owner Statistics

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Craftsman Truck Series

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2012Jeb Burton 50010732059,5213617.417.44681.53
2012Ward Burton 10010109016,4255925.08.01272.51
2012C.E. Falk 30000127028,0654729.726.31239.50
2012Brandon Knupp 4000022032,7546426.332.0048.30
2012Jason Leffler 10000138013,4502325.019.01207.00
2012Stephen Leicht 4000047030,625 30.331.8062.70
2012Ryan Lynch 1000017307,1006027.029.01151.40
2012B.J. McLeod 30000218026,9355026.026.71129.71
2012Travis Miller 40000344033,5254930.826.82433.50
2012Ryan Truex 200103112215,450 14.020.51236.11
2012Cole Whitt 1000094011,300 27.013.01250.01
2013Jeff Agnew 15000021520155,1452323.923.192,520.74
2 years440030446722430,295 24.824.2225,232.911