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Marty Robbins

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Born: Sep 26, 1925     Died: Dec 08, 1982
Home: Glendale, AZ



NASCAR Cup Series Owner Statistics

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NASCAR Cup Series

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1970Marty Robbins 1000010501,1609433.032.00157.50
1971Marty Robbins 50010129507,1526917.819.431,990.90
1972Marty Robbins 50020109607,9505419.626.621,863.90
1973Marty Robbins 4001033415,3958323.326.81828.80
1974Marty Robbins 4012055005,7344823.317.831,343.20
1975Marty Robbins 200006523,1608022.535.00172.40
1977Elmo Langley 10000106104222.035.002.00
1977Marty Robbins 2000022902,5907730.525.51481.80
1978Marty Robbins 1000017102,2408538.018.01454.90
1979Marty Robbins 3000023503,1207034.031.30519.50
1980Marty Robbins 2000022704,2357136.523.01603.80
1982Marty Robbins 2000013402,0557933.535.00248.00
11 years3201604442345,401 25.425.8128,666.50