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Lloyd Dane

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Born: Aug 09, 1925     Died: Dec 11, 2015
Home: Eldon, MO



NASCAR Cup Series Owner Statistics

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NASCAR Cup Series

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1951Lloyd Dane 6023046509754116.017.22455.00
1954Lloyd Dane 3023077308003010.76.03508.50
1955Lloyd Dane 301103035505497.713.32204.00
1956Lloyd Dane 1025901706334,3702314.06.291,257.02
1957Lloyd Dane 10171011296644,985254.83.89863.14
1958Lloyd Dane 4001089406402123.818.33698.10
1959Lloyd Dane 2012057801,1008617.54.52285.81
1960Lloyd Dane 3022032389950754.59.02374.60
1961Lloyd Dane 41120396271,390734.012.33443.11
1963Lloyd Dane 10000803009029.044.0021.60
10 years46421331674221816,015 11.610.1355,110.98