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G2G Racing

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Craftsman Truck Series Owner Statistics

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Craftsman Truck Series

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2022Mason Filippi 100009008524.036.0020.30
2022Kaden Honeycutt 20000257003231.527.51256.21
2022Ryan Huff 10000130006831.028.01195.00
2022Chase Janes 100001006235.036.001.30
2022Matt Jaskol 30000299004733.024.72511.22
2022Bryson Mitchell 10000110007826.033.0055.00
2022Stefan Parsons 100009005035.036.0017.90
2022Brennan Poole 70000774005330.429.751,130.21
2022Johnny Sauter 1000060003536.034.00150.00
2023Dawson Cram 100003600 31.035.0049.20
2023Akinori Ogata 10000137005934.017.01211.01
2023Brennan Poole 3000017300 29.329.71256.80
2023Dale Quarterley 2000077006930.531.51222.31
2023Tim Viens 100002008235.036.003.00
2023Memphis Villarreal 20000150004929.529.5199.91
2023Armani Williams 30000326006632.031.71489.00
2 years310000255000 31.230.1143,668.37