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Dwayne Gaulding

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Born: Jan 01, 1972
Home: Colonial Heights, VA



Camping World Truck Series Owner Statistics

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Camping World Truck Series

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2009Johnny Chapman 2000034018,7304027.533.0039.90
2009Wayne Edwards 200007024,1652833.535.0014.50
2009Chris Fontaine 2000010018,7233330.034.0015.00
2009Chris Jones 100006010,4803633.033.009.00
2009Marc Mitchell 2000031021,9454429.030.5056.50
2009Sean Murphy 1000020012,4556134.033.0053.20
2009Donnie Neuenberger 10000608,23010825.035.009.00
2009Dennis Setzer 10000100014,8051832.018.01250.01
2009Ryan Sieg 1000012107,5052916.034.0063.60
2009Nick Tucker 1600003272139,4133029.232.31400.60
2009Jason White 250240331699310,1851615.918.5173,947.49
1 year5402403978101586,636 23.025.9194,858.810