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Don Tarr

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Born: May 04, 1929     Died: Jan 21, 2022
Home: Miami Beach, FL



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NASCAR Cup Series

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1968Don Tarr 110000169905,8253531.427.132,052.00
1968Frank Warren 4000024304004216.320.8070.50
1969Earl Brooks 3000056002,0451828.022.72565.90
1969J.D. McDuffie 2000035401,4051426.028.01347.70
1969Ed Negre 200002401,8702739.539.5047.00
1969Dick Poling 4000041001,8925018.520.31687.50
1969Don Tarr 6000059403,4654131.526.821,001.00
1969Frank Warren 90010116602,5702918.220.22795.40
1970James Sears 10010193027510214.07.0196.50
1970Don Tarr 1600402314514,5423523.323.083,025.00
1971G.C. Spencer 1000020904153426.023.00114.50
1971Don Tarr 2000034701,0606227.029.50271.50
1972J.D. McDuffie 1011046601,3001820.05.01248.40
5 years6201708579537,064 24.823.7219,322.90