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Don Fike

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Born: Jun 11, 1947
Home: Galesburg, IL



ARCA Menards Series Owner Statistics

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ARCA Menards Series

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2005A.J. Fike 1000098008312.017.0198.00
2006A.J. Fike 20010199300836.512.02199.01
2007A.J. Fike 201111101908715.519.51110.01
2008A.J. Fike 20000172001028.528.00172.00
2009A.J. Fike 20221203540665.54.02203.02
2010A.J. Fike 20111186160656.015.01186.01
2011A.J. Fike 2000020009810.028.0020.00
2012A.J. Fike 1000073001184.024.0073.00
2013A.J. Fike 20010206180717.511.52206.02
2014A.J. Fike 50000538003218.216.43378.02
2015A.J. Fike 9126014308501813.89.48920.85
2016A.J. Fike 150380225200913.310.1131,776.84
2017Travis Braden 401204981203111.010.04547.03
2017A.J. Fike 15003020671501214.615.4131,888.94
2017P.J. Jones 101102510766.03.01101.21
2018Travis Braden 20041102702200511.310.3172,581.911
2019Travis Braden 20031602556195,200410.38.3192,622.110
15 years105118533133352895,200 11.911.88712,083.647