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Dave Malcolmson

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Born: Aug 26, 1949     Died: Nov 17, 2016
Home: Largo, FL



Craftsman Truck Series Owner Statistics

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Craftsman Truck Series

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2003Jay Godley 20000447011,3808024.021.02203.70
2004Erik Darnell 1000020007,26510036.026.01200.00
2004Derrick Kelley 10000125010,0659932.026.00125.00
2004Jay Sauter 40000625031,5104826.323.33693.32
2004Regan Smith 10010134013,7757825.09.01201.01
2005Mike Bliss 1000020008,0504125.011.01106.61
2005Jimmy Kite 40000627038,8854928.520.84905.92
2005Regan Smith 30000309023,3903819.031.31468.60
2006Chad McCumbee 700001197067,2151726.621.971,255.34
2007Blake Bjorklund 15000022191160,4602928.024.3122,519.45
2007Travis Dassow 20000349015,4257633.025.52254.71
2007Chad McCumbee 800101030490,1501817.421.561,487.62
2008Chad McCumbee 250280393320344,5151116.215.0234,646.118
2009Todd Kluever 10000161012,6058018.012.01201.30
2009Dennis Setzer 170311028050260,3941817.410.6163,115.714
7 years920521014361251,095,084 21.418.48016,384.150