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Dale Phelon

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Born: Nov 14, 1941     Died: Mar 19, 2012
Home: Springfield, MA



Craftsman Truck Series Owner Statistics

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Craftsman Truck Series

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1997Bryan Reffner 26002037501174,0081915.823.2133,059.34
1998Johnny Chapman 20000230011,6757218.027.51172.50
1998Tom Hubert 501115916439,4404019.021.02606.71
1998Bryan Reffner 17027028172146,3452215.615.5132,491.812
1998Randy Renfrow 2000026809,9953018.027.51226.00
1998Mike Stefanik 10010168016,4757926.08.01252.00
1999Mike Stefanik 25019040650237,9151320.313.8223,835.515
2000Rick Carelli 241280350024263,8851512.818.8163,690.59
2001Rick Carelli 40110714044,3954012.514.83683.41
5 years106172911610391944,133 16.318.37215,017.842