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Clyde Lynn

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Born: Mar 03, 1936     Died: Nov 01, 1996
Home: Christianburg, VA



NASCAR Cup Series Owner Statistics

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NASCAR Cup Series

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1965Clyde Lynn 240090452204,5204116.815.5162,066.70
1965J.T. Putney 1000070175716.017.0016.10
1966Buddy Baker 1000015301002221.016.0038.30
1966Jimmy Helms 1000017301103418.013.0186.50
1966Clyde Lynn 38011408526010,4702019.614.5275,151.70
1967Clyde Lynn 44052209556017,7001319.413.9316,551.20
1968Earl Brooks 50010132102,1001527.217.03916.60
1968Bosco Lowe 1000038009113.025.0019.00
1968Clyde Lynn 480225011778019,265418.912.2398,544.50
1968Bill Seifert 1001045604001428.010.01243.50
1969Clyde Lynn 2001064801,2708726.516.01357.70
1970Clyde Lynn 100103860625 10.08.01241.30
1971Elmo Langley 3012084001,840516.09.03431.20
1971Clyde Lynn 2000049307158011.016.51261.30
1973Ed Negre 4000087403,4051826.322.01708.80
1973Bobby Poole 1000020250
8 years1770976039773062,945 19.214.112525,635.40