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Carl Kiekhaefer

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Born: Jun 04, 1906     Died: Oct 05, 1983
Home: Fond du Lac, WI



NASCAR Cup Series Owner Statistics

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NASCAR Cup Series

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1955Buck Baker 100102390550215.06.01239.00
1955Bob Flock 101101950650628.05.01292.50
1955Fonty Flock 2028104260836410,130114.714.3101,884.64
1955Tim Flock 38183132186014322732,92513.24.6334,458.922
1955Norm Nelson 211112731061,4206820.09.51354.01
1955Speedy Thompson 21120357641,3001513.54.02198.11
1956Buck Baker 44142935127779146629,11516.96.9365,088.219
1956Fonty Flock 411222211341,350508.517.32155.01
1956Tim Flock 8367310333148,41093.04.57785.76
1956Junior Johnson 101101330600372.02.0199.81
1956Frank Mundy 90350161403,5852413.915.161,581.82
1956Charlie Scott 10000007517314.019.010.00
1956Jack Smith 311106981852,4642112.711.02336.41
1956Herb Thomas 1731013128092357,77027.65.8131,674.64
1956Speedy Thompson 398232876655197024,78534.29.1274,476.114
2 years1905211613948306288065125,129 6.08.214321,624.776