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Brian Kaltreider

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Born: Mar 22, 1974
Home: Reading, PA



ARCA Menards Series Owner Statistics

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ARCA Menards Series

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2001Brian Kaltreider 1000000018427.038.000.00
2003Brian Kaltreider 200001170010528.522.01292.50
2005Brian Kaltreider 20000680011228.528.51170.00
2006Brian Kaltreider 1000078007340.021.01195.00
2008Brian Kaltreider 20000115008634.026.01273.01
2009Brian Kaltreider 1000062009935.028.00155.00
2010Brian Kaltreider 10000470011436.023.01117.50
2011Brian Kaltreider 20000101007831.021.01252.51
2012Brian Kaltreider 20000123007824.521.02307.50
2013Brian Kaltreider 20000124007932.016.51310.00
2014Brian Kaltreider 10000240011824.021.0060.00
2015Brian Kaltreider 2000046009726.028.01115.00
2016Brian Kaltreider 20000135007926.518.02337.50
2017Dan Bainey 10000390011721.029.0097.50
2017Bobby Dale Earnhardt 1000074004926.025.01185.00
2017Brian Kaltreider 10000570010722.023.01142.50
2017Kevin Kromer 10000280011529.027.0070.00
2018Brian Kaltreider 2000058007221.521.51145.00
2022Brian Kaltreider 3000087007935.732.01215.90
16 years300000138300 29.124.5163,441.42