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Bob Griffin

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Born: Feb 10, 1895     Died: Aug 02, 1979
Home: Florence, SC



NASCAR Cup Series Owner Statistics

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NASCAR Cup Series

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1950Buck Baker 4012037407251225.023.31319.00
1951Buck Baker 3022000675237.07.720.00
1951Gene Darragh 10000309050 58.051.00386.30
1952Buck Baker 1000000251220.028.000.00
1953Buck Baker 30416235198058515,99545.17.6181,596.94
1953Slick Smith 1000020001051242.043.00275.00
1954Buck Baker 19214161308533612,31533.86.7172,216.86
1954Ray Duhigg 200008005026 20.0040.00
1954Jim Paschal 513317041931,80075.312.23406.51
1954Bob Welborn 10110196045051 3.0198.00
1955Buck Baker 1811113126283236,99526.16.2151,563.74
1955Buddy Shuman 10010186025013811.06.0193.00
1955Speedy Thompson 5011074301,955156.819.62900.41
6 years9184962810485143741,390 8.210.0607,895.416