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Cavin Councilor

ARCA Menards Series Results (top 10s)

(1985-present only)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
1998-03Salem33 9719Sherwin Williams   (Cavin Councilor)Chevrolet204/2070running0
1998-12Kil-Kare2816719Mothers Against Drunk Driving   (Cavin Councilor)Ford147/1500running0
1998-13Flat Rock28 71019Mothers Against Drunk Driving   (Cavin Councilor)Ford149/1510running0
1998-19Winchester2916719Mothers Against Drunk Driving   (Cavin Councilor)Chevrolet146/1500running0
1999-02Atlanta4018819Mothers Against Drunk Drivers   (Cavin Councilor)Chevrolet121/1220running0
1999-10Berlin3113719Councilor Motorsports   (Cavin Councilor)Chevrolet199/2000running0
1999-12Kil-Kare28 6719NationsRent   (Cavin Councilor)Chevrolet149/1500running0
1999-16Winchester32 2519Mothers Against Drunk Drivers   (Cavin Councilor)Chevrolet199/2000running0
2000-10Kentucky3711919Target Saws & Blades / Earthlink   (Cavin Councilor)Chevrolet99/1000running0
2000-11Berlin3118919Target Saws & Blades / Earthlink   (Cavin Councilor)Chevrolet203/2040running0