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Car number 71 in 1985

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Results

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1985-18Epping19 61671John RosatiPontiac57/1080crash0
1985-01Thompson35 8871John Rosati 47/470running0
1985-03Stafford Springs30 6671John Rosati 80/800running0
1985-06Waterford2417571John RosatiChevrolet100/1000running0
1985-12Thompson24 6871John RosatiPontiac /600running 
1985-17Catamount16 6271John RosatiPontiac100/1000running0
1985-20Waterford24 5471John RosatiPontiac100/1000running0
1985-22Stafford Springs30 71471John Rosati 99/1000running0
1985-23Thompson50 3371John RosatiPontiac301/3010running0
1985-25Tioga25 2171Tim Zacharias 144/1500running0
1985-27Stafford Springs30 71171John Rosati 100/1000running 
1985-19Thompson29 41771John RosatiPontiac /1000rear end