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Manfred Winkelhock

Formula One Series Results (races)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerChassis / EngineLapsMoneyStatusLed
1982-01Kyalami2620109Team ATSATS D5 / Ford Cosworth DFV75/770+2 laps0
1982-02Jacarepagua261559Team ATSATS D5 / Ford Cosworth DFV62/630+1 lap0
1982-03Long Beach2625269Team ATSATS D5 / Ford Cosworth DFV1/750crash0
1982-04Imola141269Team ATSATS D5 / Ford Cosworth DFV54/600disqualified0
1982-05Zolder2812249Team ATSATS D5 / Ford Cosworth DFV0/700clutch0
1982-06Monte Carlo2014159Team ATSATS D5 / Ford Cosworth DFV31/760differential0
1982-07Detroit26 5239Team ATSATS D5 / Ford Cosworth DFV1/620spun off0
1982-09Zandvoort2618129Team ATSATS D5 / Ford Cosworth DFV70/720+2 laps0
1982-11Paul Ricard2618119Team ATSATS D5 / Ford Cosworth DFV52/540+2 laps0
1982-12Hockenheimring2716259Team ATSATS D5 / Ford Cosworth DFV3/450clutch0
1982-13Spielberg2625189Team ATSATS D5 / Ford Cosworth DFV15/530spun off0
1982-14Dijon-Prenois2620189Team ATSATS D5 / Ford Cosworth DFV55/800chassis0
1982-16Caesar's2722149Team ATSATS D5 / Ford Cosworth DFV62/750+13 laps0
1983-01Jacarepagua2625169Team ATSATS D6 / BMW M1259/630+4 laps0
1983-02Long Beach2624269Team ATSATS D6 / BMW M123/750spun off0
1983-03Paul Ricard2610169Team ATSATS D6 / BMW M1236/540turbo0
1983-04Imola26 7119Team ATSATS D6 / BMW M1257/600+3 laps0
1983-05Monte Carlo2016189Team ATSATS D6 / BMW M123/760crash0
1983-06Spa Francorchamps26 7219Team ATSATS D6 / BMW M1218/400spun off0
1983-07Detroit2622209Team ATSATS D6 / BMW M1226/600crash0
1983-08Montreal26 799Team ATSATS D6 / BMW M1267/700+3 laps0
1983-09Silverstone26 8189Team ATSATS D6 / BMW M1249/670engine0
1983-11Spielberg2613149Team ATSATS D6 / BMW M1233/530water leak0
1983-12Zandvoort26 9169Team ATSATS D6 / BMW M1250/720disqualified0
1983-13Monza26 9179Team ATSATS D6 / BMW M1235/520exhaust0
1983-14Brands Hatch26 989Team ATSATS D6 / BMW M1275/760+1 lap0
1983-15Kyalami26 8249Team ATSATS D6 / BMW M121/770engine0
1984-02Kyalami27121714Team ATSATS D7 / BMW M1253/750engine0
1984-03Zolder26 61614Team ATSATS D7 / BMW M1239/700exhaust0
1984-04Imola26 71814Team ATSATS D7 / BMW M1231/600turbo0
1984-05Dijon-Prenois26 82514Team ATSATS D7 / BMW M125/790clutch0
1984-06Monte Carlo20121214Team ATSATS D7 / BMW M1222/310spun off0
1984-07Montreal2612814Team ATSATS D7 / BMW M1268/700+2 laps0
1984-08Detroit26142514Team ATSATS D7 / BMW M120/630engine0
1984-09Dallas2613814Team ATSATS D7 / BMW M1264/670+3 laps0
1984-10Brands Hatch27112214Team ATSATS D7 / BMW M128/710spun off0
1984-11Hockenheimring26131114Team ATSATS D7 / BMW M1231/440gearbox0
1984-12Spielberg26142614Team ATSATS D7 / BMW M120/510did not start0
1984-13Zandvoort27162214Team ATSATS D7 / BMW M1222/710spun off0
1984-14Monza26212614Team ATSATS D7 / BMW M120/510did not start0
1984-16Estoril2719102MRD InternationalBrabham BT53 / BMW M1269/700+1 lap0
1985-01Jacarepagua2516139Skoal Bandit Formula 1 TeamRAM 03 / Hart 415T57/610+4 laps0
1985-02Estoril2615109Skoal Bandit Formula 1 TeamRAM 03 / Hart 415T50/670+17 laps0
1985-03Imola2623159Skoal Bandit Formula 1 TeamRAM 03 / Hart 415T27/600engine0
1985-05Montreal2514239Skoal Bandit Formula 1 TeamRAM 03 / Hart 415T5/700crash0
1985-06Detroit2520249Skoal Bandit Formula 1 TeamRAM 03 / Hart 415T3/630turbo0
1985-07Paul Ricard2620129Skoal Bandit Formula 1 TeamRAM 03 / Hart 415T50/530+3 laps0
1985-08Silverstone2618179Skoal Bandit Formula 1 TeamRAM 03 / Hart 415T28/650turbo0
1985-09Nurburgring2722229Skoal Bandit Formula 1 TeamRAM 03 / Hart 415T8/670engine0