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Marco Werner

American Le Mans Series Results (races)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
2003-01Sebring55 111Infineon Team JoestAudi R8367/3670running81
2003-02Road Atlanta35 121Infineon Team JoestAudi R8128/1280running1
2003-03Sonoma36 111Infineon Team JoestAudi R8102/1020running26
2003-04Trois-Rivieres31 111Infineon Team JoestAudi R8169/1690running169
2003-05Bowmanville33 211Infineon Team JoestAudi R8116/1160running63
2003-06Elkhart Lake36 131Infineon Team JoestAudi R873/790running22
2003-07Laguna Seca35 111Infineon Team JoestAudi R8120/1200running115
2003-08Bayfront37 221Infineon Team JoestAudi R8157/1570running35
2003-09Road Atlanta38 131Infineon Team JoestAudi R8385/3940running0
2004-01Sebring44 1238ADT Champion RacingAudi R8345/3500running43
2004-02Mid-Ohio25 2138ADT Champion RacingAudi R8124/1240running89
2004-03Lime Rock27 2138ADT Champion RacingAudi R8165/1650running105
2004-04Sonoma25 1138ADT Champion RacingAudi R8107/1070running107
2004-05Portland23 3138ADT Champion RacingAudi R8141/1410running58
2004-06Bowmanville21 2238ADT Champion RacingAudi R8137/1370running21
2004-07Elkhart Lake22 3138ADT Champion RacingAudi R880/800running51
2004-08Road Atlanta34 4138ADT Champion RacingAudi R8394/3940running349
2004-09Laguna Seca25 2238ADT Champion RacingAudi R8169/1690running119
2005-01Sebring38 111ADT Champion RacingAudi R8361/3610running261
2005-02Road Atlanta24 211ADT Champion RacingAudi R8112/1120running12
2005-03Mid-Ohio23 351ADT Champion RacingAudi R897/1170running0
2005-04Lime Rock22 111ADT Champion RacingAudi R8165/1650running114
2005-05Sonoma24 231ADT Champion RacingAudi R8110/1110running0
2005-06Portland23 351ADT Champion RacingAudi R848/1370crash0
2005-07Elkhart Lake24 231ADT Champion RacingAudi R872/720running23
2005-08Bowmanville22 321ADT Champion RacingAudi R8127/1270running45
2005-09Road Atlanta30 231ADT Champion RacingAudi R8372/3940running0
2005-10Laguna Seca28 541ADT Champion RacingAudi R8163/1640running0
2006-01Sebring35 261Audi Sport North AmericaAudi R10 TDI117/3490overheating68
2006-09Road Atlanta28 451Audi Sport North AmericaAudi R10 TDI383/3940running97
2007-01Sebring34 112Audi Sport North AmericaAudi R10 TDI364/3640running215
2007-02St. Petersburg25 222Audi Sport North AmericaAudi R10 TDI114/1140running21
2007-03Long Beach25 222Audi Sport North AmericaAudi R10 TDI73/740running6
2007-04Houston24 222Audi Sport North AmericaAudi R10 TDI138/1460running0
2007-05Tooele26 122Audi Sport North AmericaAudi R10 TDI66/660running21
2007-06Lime Rock25 242Audi Sport North AmericaAudi R10 TDI123/1740running0
2007-07Mid-Ohio27 212Audi Sport North AmericaAudi R10 TDI134/1340running69
2007-08Elkhart Lake26 222Audi Sport North AmericaAudi R10 TDI96/960running10
2007-09Bowmanville25 222Audi Sport North AmericaAudi R10 TDI125/1250running0
2007-10Belle Isle26 212Audi Sport North AmericaAudi R10 TDI106/1060running32
2007-11Road Atlanta31 542Audi Sport North AmericaAudi R10 TDI330/3940running5
2007-12Laguna Seca30 222Audi Sport North AmericaAudi R10 TDI157/1570running0
2008-01Sebring33 322Audi Sport North AmericaAudi R10333/3510running51
2008-02St. Petersburg28 112Audi Sport North AmericaAudi R10 TDI81/810running43
2008-03Long Beach28 112Audi Sport North AmericaAudi R10 TDI71/710running15
2008-04Tooele30 112Audi Sport North AmericaAudi R10 TDI95/960running13
2008-05Lime Rock27 212Audi Sport North AmericaAudi R10 TDI167/1680running0
2008-06Mid-Ohio30 112Audi Sport North AmericaAudi R10 TDI111/1110running107
2008-07Elkhart Lake31 112Audi Sport North AmericaAudi R10 TDI102/1020running53
2008-08Bowmanville28 212Audi Sport North AmericaAudi R10 TDI127/1270running69
2008-09Belle Isle28 122Audi Sport North AmericaAudi R10 TDI21/1040crash0
2008-10Road Atlanta37 332Audi Sport North AmericaAudi R10 TDI394/3940running135
2008-11Laguna Seca34 212Audi Sport North AmericaAudi R10 TDI145/1450running33
2009-01Sebring27 431Audi Sport North AmericaAudi R15 TDI381/3830running7
2009-09Road Atlanta27 441Audi Sport North AmericaAudi R15 TDI183/1840running4
2010-09Road Atlanta41 5195Level 5 MotorsportsOreca FLM 09354/3940running0