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Donald Theetge

NASCAR Pinty's Series Results (top 10s)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
2016-03Chaudiere16 5422AIM Levis / Le Soleil / L'Antidote Media   (Scott Steckly)Dodge300/3000running0
2017-03Chaudiere14 1522Circuit Acura / Le Soliet / L'Antidote Media   (Scott Steckly)Dodge310/3100running128
2017-06Saskatoon20 4422Circuit Acura / Le Soliet / L'Antidote Media   (Scott Steckly)Dodge104/1040running0
2017-07Saskatoon20 6622Circuit Acura / Le Soliet / L'Antidote Media   (Scott Steckly)Dodge100/1000running0
2017-08Edmonton18 4222Circuit Acura / Le Soliet / L'Antidote Media   (Scott Steckly)Dodge300/3000running59
2017-10Antigonish15 61022Circuit Acura / Le Soliet / L'Antidote Media   (Scott Steckly)Dodge299/3000running0
2017-12St. Eustache16 4222Circuit Acura / Le Soliet / L'Antidote Media   (Scott Steckly)Dodge250/2500running27
2017-13Hamilton20 3222Circuit Acura / Le Soliet / L'Antidote Media   (Scott Steckly)Dodge200/2000running134
2018-03Chaudiere17 4324Mercedes-Benz St. Nicolas   (Scott Steckly)Chevrolet220/2200running0
2018-04Toronto1914924Mercedes-Benz St. Nicolas   (Scott Steckly)Chevrolet37/370running0
2018-05Saskatoon18 2124Mercedes-Benz St. Nicolas   (Scott Steckly)Chevrolet125/1250running110
2018-06Saskatoon18 2424Mercedes-Benz St. Nicolas   (Scott Steckly)Chevrolet125/1250running0
2018-08Trois-Rivieres2211724Mercedes-Benz St. Nicolas   (Scott Steckly)Chevrolet50/500running0
2018-09Antigonish18 8724Mercedes-Benz St. Nicolas   (Scott Steckly)Chevrolet299/3000running0
2018-10Bowmanville26121024Mercedes-Benz St. Nicolas   (Scott Steckly)Chevrolet51/510running0
2018-11St. Eustache17 5524Mercedes-Benz St. Nicolas   (Scott Steckly)Chevrolet257/2570running0
2018-12Loudon17 7324Mercedes-Benz St-Nicolas / XPN   (Scott Steckly)Chevrolet100/1000running0
2018-13Hamilton21 5224Mercedes-Benz St. Nicolas   (Scott Steckly)Chevrolet200/2000running37
2019-02Hamilton18 41024Mercedes-Benz St Nicolas / Circuit Acura   (Scott Steckly)Chevrolet201/2010running25
2019-03Chaudiere17 31024Mercedes-Benz St Nicolas / Circuit Acura   (Scott Steckly)Chevrolet284/2860running0
2019-05Saskatoon1911724Mercedes-Benz St Nicolas / Circuit Acura   (Scott Steckly)Chevrolet116/1160running0
2019-06Saskatoon19 8724Mercedes-Benz St Nicolas / Circuit Acura   (Scott Steckly)Chevrolet125/1250running0
2019-07Edmonton17 7524Mercedes-Benz St Nicolas / Circuit Acura   (Scott Steckly)Chevrolet275/2750running0
2019-08Trois-Rivieres21 71024Mercedes-Benz St Nicolas / MRA   (Scott Steckly)Chevrolet50/500running0
2019-11St. Eustache1711524MRA / Empire Auto   (Scott Steckly)Chevrolet250/2500running0
2019-13Hamilton2410324MRA / Empire Auto   (Scott Steckly)Chevrolet200/2000running0
2020-01Sunset13 4680Theetge Chevrolet / XPN   (Dave Wight)Chevrolet131/1310running22
2020-02Sunset13 8580Theetge Chevrolet / XPN   (Dave Wight)Chevrolet124/1250running0
2020-03Flamboro13 9880Theetge Chevrolet / XPN   (Dave Wight)Chevrolet125/1250running0
2020-05Hamilton16 9880Theetge Chevrolet / XPN   (David Wight)Chevrolet125/1250running41
2020-06Hamilton1615280Theetge Chevrolet / XPN   (David Wight)Chevrolet125/1250running0
2021-07Flamboro18121080Theetge Chevrolet / XPN   (David Wight)Chevrolet124/1250running0
2021-09Delaware21 8980Theetge Chevrolet / XPN   (David Wight)Chevrolet132/1320running0