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Matt Swanson

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Results (top 10s)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
2015-14Stafford Springs2719789Spafco Race Chassis / FMR Racing   (John Swanson)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2016-03Waterford2826789Spafco Race Chassis / FMR Racing   (John Swanson)Chevrolet161/1610running0
2016-05Thompson2916389Spafco Race Chassis / FMR Racing   (John Swanson)Chevrolet125/1250running1
2016-06Riverhead2712989Spafco Race Chassis / FMR Racing   (John Swanson)Chevrolet212/2120running0
2016-11Bristol37131089Spafco Race Chassis / FMR Racing   (John Swanson)Chevrolet100/1000running0
2016-15Loudon2618489Spafco Race Chassis / FMR Racing   (John Swanson)Chevrolet106/1060running0
2016-16Stafford Springs2519889Central Mass Tree   (John Swanson)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2016-17Thompson2717989Central Mass Tree   (John Swanson)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2017-02Thompson3119789Starrett Tools   (John Swanson)Ford150/1500running0
2017-04Hampton25171089Starrett Tools   (John Swanson)Ford156/1560running0
2017-08Stafford Springs28191089Starrett Racing   (John Swanson)Ford150/1500running0
2017-10Bristol26121089Starrett Tools   (John Swanson)Ford150/1500running0
2017-11Seekonk2519489Starrett Tools   (John Swanson)Ford150/1500running0
2018-02Thompson3621589Starrett Racing   (John Swanson)Ford150/1500running0
2018-03Stafford Springs3217789Starrett Racing   (John Swanson)Ford200/2000running0
2018-05Thompson29211089Starrett Racing   (John Swanson)Ford125/1250running0
2018-08Loudon34 7889Starrett Racing   (John Swanson)Ford100/1000running0
2018-10Thompson29 723Starrett / Mosquito Free / USNE   (Jan Boehler)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2018-12Oswego251163Starrett / Mosquito Free / USNE   (Jan Boehler)Chevrolet165/1650running0
2018-16Thompson331573Starrett / Mosquito Free / USNE   (Jan Boehler)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2019-03Thompson281273Cape Cod Copper / WOW Media / USNE   (Jan Boehler)Chevrolet154/1540running0
2019-06Seekonk281083Cape Cod Copper / WOW Media / USNE   (Jan Boehler)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2019-07Thompson31 473Cape Cod Copper / WOW Media / USNE   (Jan Boehler)Chevrolet125/1250running0
2019-09Loudon38 553Cape Cod Copper / WOW Media / USNE   (Jan Boehler)Chevrolet107/1070running0
2019-10Stafford Springs31 943Ceravolo's Auto / USNE   (Jan Boehler)Chevrolet159/1590running4
2019-11Thompson311093Ceravolo's Auto / USNE   (Jan Boehler)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2019-14Loudon341363Logic Automation / Cape Cod Copper / USNE   (Jan Boehler)Chevrolet250/2500running5
2019-15Stafford Springs34 653Ceravolo's Auto / USNE   (Jan Boehler)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2019-16Thompson401233Logic Automation / USNE   (Jan Boehler)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2020-01Jennerstown33 693USNE / SYP / All Phases   (Jan Boehler)Chevrolet133/1330running0
2020-03White Mountain281333USNE / SYP / All Phases   (Jan Boehler)Chevrolet200/2000running0
2020-04Jennerstown25 673USNE / SYP / All Phases   (Jan Boehler)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2020-06Thompson281693USNE / SYP / All Phases   (Jan Boehler)Chevrolet154/1540running0
2020-07Loudon301573USNE / Propane Plus / Cape Cod Copper   (Jan Boehler)Chevrolet200/2000running39
2020-08Stafford Springs271393USNE / Propane Plus / Cape Cod Copper   (Jan Boehler)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2021-10Beech Ridge19 643Propane Plus / Ceravolo's Auto   (Jan Boehler)Chevrolet200/2000running0