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Scott Steckly

CASCAR Super Series Results (races)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
2000-03Bowmanville32221922AW Millwrights / ERB GroupPontiac62/640 0
2000-04Delaware39181222AW Millwrights / ERB GroupPontiac299/3000 0
2001-01Delaware3811622AW Millwrights / ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac250/2500running39
2001-02Peterborough28 4822AW Millwrights / ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac150/1500running0
2001-03Bowmanville32141322AW Millwrights / ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac249/2500running0
2001-04Bowmanville30142522AW Millwrights / ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac28/640 0
2001-05Kawartha27141622AW Millwrights / ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac149/1500running0
2001-06Toronto38173122AW Millwrights / ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac25/310engine0
2001-07St. Eustache23 42222AW Millwrights / ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac25/1500radiator0
2001-08Trois-Rivieres23 3722AW Millwrights / ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac42/420running0
2001-09Hamilton32142522AW Millwrights / ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac108/2500 0
2001-12Delaware4115322AW Millwrights / ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac300/3000running0
2002-01Delaware3817722AW Millwrights / ERB Group / CPL Sys.   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac250/2500running9
2002-02Peterborough29 7222AW Millwrights / ERB Group / CPL Sys.   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac200/2000running0
2002-03St. Eustache30192422AW Millwrights / ERB Group / CPL Sys.   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac95/970 0
2002-04Bowmanville33 91822AW Millwrights / ERB Group / CPL Sys.   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac32/320running 
2002-05Bowmanville3312522AW Millwrights / ERB Group / CPL Sys.   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac250/2500running0
2002-06Hamilton44311622AW Millwrights / ERB Group / CPL Sys.   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac100/1000running0
2002-07Toronto37 63322AW Millwrights / ERB Group / CPL Sys.   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac23/360 0
2002-08Calgary34 42922AW Millwrights / ERB Group / CPL Sys.   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac192/3000  
2002-09Vancouver3319922AW Millwrights / ERB Group / CPL Sys.   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac35/350running0
2002-10Montmagny23171822AW Millwrights / ERB Group / CPL Sys.   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac190/2000 0
2002-11Kawartha31 3722AW Millwrights / ERB Group / CPL Sys.   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac200/2000running42
2002-12Delaware3810722ERB Group / Therma King / AW Millwrights   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac300/3000running35
2003-01Delaware3215722Schick Xtreme 3 / Razor Magazine / ERB   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac300/3000running0
2003-02Peterborough26 41822Schick Xtreme 3 / Razor Magazine / ERB   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac174/2000 0
2003-03Bowmanville27 7322Schick Xtreme 3 / Razor Magazine / ERB   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac51/510running0
2003-04Hamilton37221122Schick Xtreme 3 / Razor Magazine / ERB   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac200/2000running0
2003-05Toronto3711522Schick Xtreme 3 / Razor Magazine / ERB   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac36/360running0
2003-06Calgary2811522Schick Xtreme 3 / Razor Magazine / ERB   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac300/3000running0
2003-07Vancouver28182022Schick Xtreme 3 / Razor Magazine / ERB   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac28/350 0
2003-08St. Eustache22 8222Schick Xtreme 3 / Razor Magazine / ERB   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac200/2000running0
2003-09Bowmanville21 62022Schick Xtreme 3 / Razor Magazine / ERB   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac92/2000 0
2003-10Delaware31191422Schick Xtreme 3 / Razor Magazine / ERB   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac296/3000 0
2003-11Peterborough21 7922Schick Xtreme 3 / Razor Magazine / ERB   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac200/2000running0
2003-12Hamilton32171322Schick Xtreme 3 / Razor Magazine / ERB   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac200/2000running0
2004-01Delaware36 8322ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac250/2500running0
2004-02Hamilton32 92622ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac181/2000 0
2004-03Peterborough2311422ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac200/2000running0
2004-04Bowmanville26 4422ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac51/510running0
2004-05Hamilton33 92822ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac75/2000 0
2004-06Toronto29 5622ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac36/360running0
2004-07Vancouver22 6522ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac35/350running0
2004-08Calgary25 9522ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac300/3000running30
2004-09Bowmanville26 4822ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac200/2000running0
2004-10Peterborough25 9622ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac200/2000running0
2004-11Delaware35 3622ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac300/3000running0
2004-12Kawartha35131922ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac248/2500 0
2005-01Delaware30162222Alltruck International / ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac232/2500 0
2005-02St. Eustache25221122Metro St. Laurent / ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac200/2000running0
2005-03Bowmanville33192522Alltruck International / ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac40/510 0
2005-04Barrie22 8822Lewis Motor Sales / ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac298/3000running0
2005-05Toronto3414822Metro Toronto / ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac36/360running0
2005-06Calgary32132922Alltruck International / ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac5/3000 0
2005-07Vernon28181322Alltruck International / ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac297/3000running0
2005-08Bowmanville20201122Metro Toronto / ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac200/2000running0
2005-09Peterborough2311522Metro Toronto / ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac200/2000running0
2005-10Delaware32122122Alltruck International / ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac235/3000 0
2005-11Hamilton28132722Alltruck / ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac50/2000 0
2005-12Kawartha2920922Alltruck / ERB Group   (Scott Steckly)Pontiac248/2500 0
2006-01Barrie2510122ERB / AW Millwrights   (Scott Steckly)Dodge265/2650running108
2006-02Bowmanville31 7322ERB / AW Millwrights   (Scott Steckly)Dodge51/510running0
2006-03Barrie22 6522ERB / AW Millwrights   (Scott Steckly)Dodge300/3000running0
2006-04Vernon37 5422ERB / AW Millwrights   (Scott Steckly)Dodge300/3000running0
2006-05Edmonton38 71222ERB / AW Millwrights   (Scott Steckly)Dodge32/320running0
2006-06Trois-Rivieres25 6622ERB / AW Millwrights   (Scott Steckly)Dodge42/420running0
2006-07Bowmanville23 71722ERB / AW Millwrights   (Scott Steckly)Dodge193/2000 0
2006-08Montreal24 3322ERB / AW Millwrights   (Scott Steckly)Dodge23/230running0
2006-09Hamilton27 8922ERB / AW Millwrights   (Scott Steckly)Dodge200/2000running0
2006-10St. Eustache17131622Thermo King of Quebec / ERB   (Scott Steckly)Dodge144/2000 0
2006-11Kawartha25 4422ERB / AW Millwrights   (Scott Steckly)Dodge250/2500running0