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Michael Self

NASCAR K&N Pro Series West Results (top 10s)

(1970-present only)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
2010-02Phoenix3391088Johnnie Walker Perf Ctr. / Motorway   (Jamie Dick)Chevrolet104/1042,400running1
2010-05Sonoma3722588Johnnie Walker Perf Ctr. / Team Viva   (Jamie Dick)Chevrolet64/644,925running1
2010-08Kalispell202888Johnnie Walker Perf Ctr. / Team Viva   (Jamie Dick)Chevrolet150/1502,825running0
2010-09Colorado195788Johnnie Walker Perf Ctr. / Team Viva   (Jamie Dick)Chevrolet150/1502,200running0
2010-12Phoenix3030821Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma   (Jim Offenbach)Chevrolet125/1253,700running0
2011-03Tooele34 4821Shining Monkey / GGRT / RCR   (Jim Offenbach)Chevrolet63/630running0
2011-04Iowa4013821Shining Monkey / Bay Bio Diesel   (Jim Offenbach)Chevrolet173/1750running0
2011-05LVMS Bullring28 5421Golden Gate Meat / Bay Bio Diesel   (Jim Offenbach)Chevrolet200/2000running0
2011-07Irwindale29 4521RCR Street Performance/GGRT/Bay Bio Diesel   (Jim Offenbach)Chevrolet200/2000running36
2011-09Portland30 6821RCR Street Performance/GGRT/Bay Bio Diesel   (Jim Offenbach)Chevrolet68/680running7
2011-11Kalispell20 8521Bay Bio Diesel / GGRT / RCR   (Jim Offenbach)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2011-12Spokane22 8621Bay Bio Diesel / GGRT / RCR   (Jim Offenbach)Chevrolet200/2000running0
2012-02Lake Havasu22 4421Golden Gate Meat Co. / RCR   (Jim Offenbach)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2012-05Iowa3610421Rockwell / Golden Gate Meat   (Jim Offenbach)Chevrolet154/1540running0
2012-06Brainerd19 9121Rockwell / Golden Gate Meat / Bay Bio Diesel   (Jim Offenbach)Chevrolet50/500running2
2012-08Sonoma30 4621Rockwell / Golden Gate Meat   (Jim Offenbach)Chevrolet64/640running0
2012-09Evergreen23 4221Rockwell / Golden Gate Meat   (Jim Offenbach)Chevrolet150/1500running48
2012-10Colorado24 4421Rockwell / Golden Gate Meat   (Jim Offenbach)Chevrolet153/1530running0
2012-11Iowa36 5121Rockwell / Golden Gate Meat   (Jim Offenbach)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2012-12Portland30 3221Rockwell / Golden Gate Meat   (Jim Offenbach)Chevrolet63/630running0
2012-15Phoenix30 2121Bay Bio Diesel / Rockwell / Golden Gate Meat   (Jim Offenbach)Chevrolet50/500running50
2013-01Phoenix30 5321Golden Gate Meat / Bay Bio Diesel   (Jim Offenbach)Chevrolet60/600running0
2013-03Brainerd19 4121Golden Gate Meat / Bay Bio Diesel   (Jim Offenbach)Chevrolet50/500running16
2013-04Iowa42 2121Golden Gate Meat / Bay Bio Diesel   (Jim Offenbach)Chevrolet159/1590running83
2013-05Lebanon16 6121Golden Gate Meat / iON   (Jim Offenbach)Chevrolet153/1530running6
2013-06Sonoma35 5321Golden Gate Meat / iON / Bay Bio Diesel   (Jim Offenbach)Chevrolet66/660running21
2013-07Colorado19 4621Golden Gate Meat / iON / Bay Bio Diesel   (Jim Offenbach)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2013-08Iowa40 8321RCR / Golden Gate Meats   (Jim Offenbach)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2013-10Spokane20 5621RCR / Golden Gate Meats   (Jim Offenbach)Chevrolet150/1500running78
2013-11Tooele19 3421RCR / Golden Gate Meats   (Jim Offenbach)Chevrolet52/520running0
2013-12Albuquerque18 7521RCR / Golden Gate Meats   (Jim Offenbach)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2013-13Roseville2411421Ace Hardware / Incredible Solutions   (Jim Offenbach)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2013-14Bakersfield28 7221RCR / Golden Gate Meats   (Jim Offenbach)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2013-15Phoenix31 3921RCR / Golden Gate Meats   (Jim Offenbach)Chevrolet50/500running0
2017-02Bakersfield23 569Lucas Oil / Eibach Springs / Sunrise Ford   (Bob Bruncati)Ford156/1560running84
2017-03Irwindale21 369Lucas Oil / Eibach Springs / Sunrise Ford   (Bob Bruncati)Ford100/1000running0
2017-04Irwindale20 739Lucas Oil / Eibach Springs / Sunrise Ford   (Bob Bruncati)Ford100/1000running0
2017-05Spokane22 659Lucas Oil / Eibach Springs / Sunrise Ford   (Bob Bruncati)Ford150/1500running0
2017-06Orange Show21 289Sunrise Ford / Lucas Oil / Eibach Springs   (Bob Bruncati)Ford149/1500running23
2017-07Colorado21 489Sinclair Lubricants / Sunrise Ford   (Bob Bruncati)Ford150/1500running0
2017-08Sonoma32 249Sunrise Ford / Lucas Oil / Eibach Springs   (Bob Bruncati)Ford64/640running15
2017-09Iowa341469Sinclair Lubricants / Sunrise Ford   (Bob Bruncati)Ford150/1500running0
2017-10Evergreen19 849Sunrise Ford / Lucas Oil / Braille Batteries   (Bob Bruncati)Ford154/1540running0
2017-11Douglas County21 779Sinclair Lubricants / Sunrise Ford   (Bob Bruncati)Ford150/1500running0
2017-12Meridian21 619Sunrise Ford / Sinclair Lubricants   (Bob Bruncati)Ford215/2150running2
2017-13Roseville23 119Sunrise Ford / Eibach Springs / Lucas Oil   (Bob Bruncati)Ford150/1500running137
2017-14Bakersfield27 849Sunrise Ford / Eibach Springs / Lucas Oil   (Bob Bruncati)Ford149/1500running0