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Howie Scannell, Jr.

NASCAR Pinty's Series Results (races)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
2009-03Bowmanville2414956Lucas Oil / RC Trailers   (Jim Bray)Dodge50/511,650running5
2009-09Trois-Rivieres29242056Lucas Oil / RC Trailers   (Jim Bray)Dodge30/431,450off track0
2009-10Montreal34231556Lucas Oil / RC Trailers   (Jim Bray)Dodge25/251,025running0
2009-11Barrie20171456Lucas Oil / RC Trailers   (Jim Bray)Dodge239/3001,650engine0
2009-13Kawartha27191456Lucas Oil / RC Trailers   (Jim Bray)Dodge204/2041,800running0
2010-02Bowmanville26191456RC Trailers   (Jim Bray)Dodge50/511,325running0
2010-04Toronto31141256B&B Decals / Wigs For Kids   (Jim Bray)Dodge36/362,050running0
2010-08Trois-Rivieres28242756VR Emond / B&B Decals   (Jim Bray)Dodge4/421,100brakes0
2010-10Montreal34223356VR Emond / B&B Decals   (Jim Bray)Dodge3/24545engine0
2011-04Bowmanville2619956RC Trailers / B&B Decals   (Jim Bray)Dodge51/510running0
2011-05Toronto33123256Nat'l-Tomlinson Tire Recycling   (Jim Bray)Dodge0/370rear end0
2011-08Trois-Rivieres33201156RC Trailers / B&B Decals   (Jim Bray)Dodge43/440running0
2011-09Montreal37203756K&K Insurance / VR Emond   (Jim Bray)Dodge1/230transmission0
2012-01Bowmanville27171356Trailers by Jim Bray   (Jim Bray)Dodge51/510running0
2012-02ICAR29171656Trailers by Jim Bray / B&B Decals   (Jim Bray)Dodge31/310running0
2012-03Bowmanville21172056Trailers by Jim Bray   (Jim Bray)Dodge34/2000overheating0
2012-04Delaware22151556Trailers by Jim Bray   (Jim Bray)Dodge194/2000running0
2012-08Trois-Rivieres31161656VR Emond / B&B Decals   (Jim Bray)Dodge43/440running0
2012-09Montreal34212456K&K Ins. / VR Emond   (Jim Bray)Dodge23/230running0
2012-12Kawartha28131756Nat'l Tomlinson Tire / Trailers by Jim Bray   (Jim Bray)Dodge251/2550running0
2013-01Bowmanville28 92156IGPC Ethanol / K&B Auto Service   (Jim Bray)Dodge22/510rear end0
2013-04ICAR24181356Trailers by Jim Bray / K&B Auto   (Jim Bray)Dodge30/300running0
2013-07St. Eustache19171998K&B Auto / Trailers by Jim Bray   (Jim Bray)Dodge26/2500overheating0
2013-08Trois-Rivieres30152556K&B Auto / Trailers by Jim Bray   (Jim Bray)Dodge32/460suspension0
2013-10Bowmanville3621956K&B Auto / Trailers by Jim Bray   (Jim Bray)Dodge42/420running0
2013-11Barrie19191498OMVIC / K&B Auto Service   (Jim Bray)Dodge288/3030running0