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Memo Rojas

NASCAR Rolex Grand-Am Sports Car Series Results (races)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
2007-01Daytona (Road)70 82102Chip GanassiLexus / Riley538/6680crash7
2007-02Mexico City38 3401Chip GanassiLexus / Riley100/1000running0
2007-03Homestead44 7301Chip GanassiLexus / Riley91/910running0
2007-05VIR20 4801Chip GanassiLexus / Riley77/770running2
2007-07Laguna Seca19 5201Chip GanassiLexus / Riley91/910running1
2007-09Watkins Glen45 2201Chip GanassiLexus / Riley167/1670running10
2007-10Mid-Ohio19 5201Chip GanassiLexus / Riley111/1110running0
2007-12Daytona (Road)39 9601Chip GanassiLexus / Riley70/700running0
2007-13Iowa17 2101Chip GanassiLexus / Riley192/1920running105
2007-16Birmingham17 5501Chip GanassiLexus / Riley99/990running0
2007-17Montreal36 6501Chip GanassiLexus / Riley68/680running0
2007-18Watkins Glen2114301Chip GanassiLexus / Riley82/820running0
2007-19Sonoma17 4301Chip GanassiLexus / Riley97/970running36
2007-20Tooele45 1901Chip GanassiLexus / Riley139/1390running14
2008-01Daytona (Road)66 6101Chip GanassiLexus / Riley695/6950running252
2008-02Homestead45 3101Chip GanassiLexus / Riley99/990running51
2008-03Mexico City31 1201Chip GanassiLexus / Riley100/1000running44
2008-04VIR4518101Chip GanassiLexus / Riley77/770running20
2008-05Laguna Seca41 3301Chip GanassiLexus / Riley98/980running6
2008-07Watkins Glen4516101Chip GanassiLexus / Riley179/1790running39
2008-08Mid-Ohio41 4801Chip GanassiLexus / Riley76/760running22
2008-09Daytona (Road)43 4101Chip GanassiLexus / Riley70/700running9
2008-10Birmingham38 2101Chip GanassiLexus / Riley103/1030running17
2008-11Montreal37 1501Chip GanassiLexus / Riley69/690running27
2008-12Watkins Glen20 51301Chip GanassiLexus / Riley80/820running0
2008-13Sonoma17 5601Chip GanassiLexus / Riley102/1020running0
2008-14Millville4217901Chip GanassiLexus / Riley105/1050running0
2008-15Tooele37 2901Chip GanassiLexus / Riley137/1370running1
2009-01Daytona (Road)49 4201Chip GanassiLexus / Riley735/7350running80
2009-02VIR34 11201Chip GanassiLexus / Riley78/810crash27
2009-03Millville31 2901Chip GanassiLexus / Riley82/870running5
2009-04Laguna Seca33 1201Chip GanassiLexus / Riley106/1060running64
2009-05Watkins Glen34 1101Chip GanassiLexus / Riley188/1880running142
2009-06Mid-Ohio32 2101Chip GanassiLexus / Riley111/1110running45
2009-07Daytona (Road)35 1701Chip GanassiLexus / Riley70/700running18
2009-08Birmingham30 2201Chip GanassiLexus / Riley109/1090running3
2009-09Watkins Glen33 2201Chip GanassiLexus / Riley93/930running22
2009-10Montreal28 21001Chip GanassiLexus / Riley66/670running0
2009-11Tooele24 3301Chip GanassiLexus / Riley56/560running0
2009-12Homestead32 7201Chip GanassiLexus / Riley100/1000running4
2010-01Daytona (Road)44 5201Chip GanassiBMW / Riley755/7550running146
2010-02Homestead34 4101Chip GanassiBMW / Riley129/1290running48
2010-03Birmingham29 3101Chip GanassiBMW / Riley108/1080running69
2010-04VIR32 1101Chip GanassiBMW / Riley84/840running75
2010-05Lime Rock26 41301Chip GanassiBMW / Riley13/1740handling0
2010-06Watkins Glen29 1101Chip GanassiBMW / Riley191/1910running121
2010-07Mid-Ohio28 1101Chip GanassiBMW / Riley107/1070running64
2010-08Daytona (Road)30 4101Chip GanassiBMW / Riley83/830running40
2010-09Millville32 4201Chip GanassiBMW / Riley116/1160running55
2010-10Watkins Glen28 1101Chip GanassiBMW / Riley99/990running69
2010-11Montreal22 2101Chip GanassiBMW / Riley62/620running35
2010-12Tooele30 1101Chip GanassiBMW / Riley86/860running42
2011-01Daytona (Road)49 3101Chip GanassiBMW / Riley721/7210running231
2011-02Homestead32 2101Chip GanassiBMW / Riley116/1160running27
2011-03Birmingham27 4101Chip GanassiBMW / Riley104/1040running38
2011-04VIR27 6201Chip GanassiBMW / Riley62/620running12
2011-05Lime Rock23 3701Chip GanassiBMW / Riley177/1830running0
2011-06Watkins Glen27 3201Chip GanassiBMW / Riley174/1740running25
2011-07Elkhart Lake27 3101Chip GanassiBMW / Riley46/460running20
2011-08Laguna Seca27 3201Chip GanassiBMW / Riley107/1070running12
2011-09Millville24 4101Chip GanassiBMW / Riley117/1170running19
2011-10Watkins Glen33 2201Chip GanassiBMW / Riley100/1000running0
2011-11Montreal25 7501Chip GanassiBMW / Riley73/730running0
2011-12Mid-Ohio3111201Chip GanassiBMW / Riley97/970running0
2012-01Daytona (Road)5814601Chip GanassiBMW / Riley757/7610running96
2012-02Birmingham28 4301Chip GanassiBMW / Riley103/1030running17
2012-03Homestead28 4201Chip GanassiBMW / Riley54/540running0
2012-04Millville26 41001Chip GanassiBMW / Riley80/1170crash4
2012-05Belle Isle27 5301Chip GanassiBMW / Riley72/720running2
2012-06Mid-Ohio26 6201Chip GanassiBMW / Riley111/1110running0
2012-07Elkhart Lake26 1101Chip GanassiBMW / Riley49/490running16
2012-08Watkins Glen32 1401Chip GanassiBMW / Riley182/1820running70
2012-09Indianapolis G.P.34 8201Chip GanassiBMW / Riley91/910running7
2012-10Watkins Glen25 5301Chip GanassiBMW / Riley91/910running0
2012-11Montreal21 2101Chip GanassiBMW / Riley66/660running45
2012-12Laguna Seca27 5601Chip GanassiBMW / Riley111/1110running0
2012-13Lime Rock26 2701Chip GanassiBMW / Riley167/1670running0
2013-01Daytona (Road)57 1101Chip Ganassi / Felix SabatesBMW / Riley709/7090running421
2013-02Austin35 3301Chip Ganassi / Felix SabatesBMW / Riley71/710running33
2013-03Birmingham28 4401Chip Ganassi / Felix SabatesBMW / Riley84/840running0
2013-04Road Atlanta28 1101Chip Ganassi / Felix SabatesBMW / Riley120/1200running94
2013-05Belle Isle26 71201Chip Ganassi / Felix SabatesBMW / Riley0/610crash0
2013-06Mid-Ohio27 71101Chip Ganassi / Felix SabatesBMW / Riley103/1100running0
2013-07Watkins Glen33 6701Chip Ganassi / Felix SabatesBMW / Riley171/1710running3
2013-08Indianapolis G.P.35 2201Chip Ganassi / Felix SabatesBMW / Riley107/1070running16
2013-09Elkhart Lake30 3401Chip Ganassi / Felix SabatesBMW / Riley70/700running0
2013-10Kansas27 1201Chip Ganassi / Felix SabatesBMW / Riley123/1230running3
2013-11Laguna Seca34 7201Chip Ganassi / Felix SabatesBMW / Riley105/1050running2
2013-12Lime Rock32 7301Chip Ganassi / Felix SabatesBMW / Riley173/1730running0