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Pedro Rodriguez

Formula One Series Results (races)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerChassis / EngineLapsMoneyStatusLed
1963-08Watkins Glen21131610Team LotusLotus 25 / Climax 1.5 V836/1100engine0
1963-09Mexico City22201510Team LotusLotus 25 / Climax 1.5 V826/650suspension0
1964-10Mexico City19 9618Scuderia Ferrari SpA SEFACFerrari 156 / Ferrari 1.5 V664/650+1 lap0
1965-09Watkins Glen1815514North American Racing TeamFerrari 1512 / Ferrari 1.5 B12109/1100+1 lap0
1965-10Mexico City1914714North American Racing TeamFerrari 1512 / Ferrari 1.5 B1262/650+3 laps0
1966-03Reims1813102Ron Harris-Team LotusLotus 33 / Climax 2.0 V840/480oil leak0
1966-08Watkins Glen19101711Ron Harris-Team LotusLotus 33 / BRM 2.0 V813/1080starter motor0
1966-09Mexico City19 8911Ron Harris-Team LotusLotus 33 / BRM 2.0 V849/650differential0
1967-01Kyalami18 414Cooper Car CompanyCooper T81 / Maserati 3.0 V1280/8002:05:45.97
1967-02Monte Carlo1616511Cooper Car CompanyCooper T81 / Maserati 3.0 V1296/1000+4 laps0
1967-03Zandvoort17 51414Cooper Car CompanyCooper T81 / Maserati 3.0 V1239/900gearbox0
1967-04Spa Francorchamps1813914Cooper Car CompanyCooper T81 / Maserati 3.0 V1225/280engine0
1967-05Le Mans1513614Cooper Car CompanyCooper T81 / Maserati 3.0 V1276/800+4 laps0
1967-06Silverstone21 9512Cooper Car CompanyCooper T81B / Maserati 3.0 V1279/800+1 lap0
1967-07Nurburgring171086Cooper Car CompanyCooper T81 / Maserati 3.0 V1213/150+2 laps0
1967-11Mexico City1913621Cooper Car CompanyCooper T81B / Maserati 3.0 V1263/650+2 laps0
1968-01Kyalami23101711Owen Racing OrganisationBRM P126 / BRM P14220/800fuel system0
1968-02Jarama14 2119Owen Racing OrganisationBRM P133 / BRM P14227/900crash11
1968-03Monte Carlo16 974Owen Racing OrganisationBRM P133 / BRM P14216/800crash0
1968-04Spa Francorchamps18 8211Owen Racing OrganisationBRM P133 / BRM P14228/280+12.10
1968-05Zandvoort1911315Owen Racing OrganisationBRM P133 / BRM P14289/900+1 lap0
1968-06Rouen18101220Owen Racing OrganisationBRM P133 / BRM P14253/600+7 laps1
1968-07Brands Hatch20131010Owen Racing OrganisationBRM P133 / BRM P14252/800engine0
1968-08Nurburgring2114610Owen Racing OrganisationBRM P133 / BRM P14214/140+385.00
1968-09Monza22151426Owen Racing OrganisationBRM P133 / BRM P14222/680engine0
1968-10Mont-Tremblant2212316Owen Racing OrganisationBRM P133 / BRM P14288/900+2 laps0
1968-11Watkins Glen2111138Owen Racing OrganisationBRM P133 / BRM P14266/1080suspension0
1968-12Mexico City211248Owen Racing OrganisationBRM P133 / BRM P14265/650+101.090
1969-01Kyalami18151212Reg Parnell RacingBRM P126 / BRM P14238/800water leak0
1969-02Montjuic Park141479Reg Parnell RacingBRM P126 / BRM P14273/900engine0
1969-03Monte Carlo16141210Owen Racing OrganisationBRM P126 / BRM P14215/800engine0
1969-06Silverstone17 81112Scuderia Ferrari SpA SEFACFerrari 312 / Ferrari 255C61/840engine0
1969-08Monza1612610Scuderia Ferrari SpA SEFACFerrari 312 / Ferrari 255C66/680+2 laps0
1969-09Bowmanville2013126Scuderia Ferrari SpA SEFACFerrari 312 / Ferrari 255C37/900oil pressure0
1969-10Watkins Glen1812512North American Racing TeamFerrari 312 / Ferrari 255C101/1080+7 laps0
1969-11Mexico City1715712Scuderia Ferrari SpA SEFACFerrari 312 / Ferrari 255C63/650+2 laps0
1970-01Kyalami2416920Owen Racing OrganisationBRM P153 / BRM P14276/800+4 laps0
1970-02Jarama17 51410Yardley Team BRMBRM P153 / BRM P1424/900retired0
1970-03Monte Carlo1615617Yardley Team BRMBRM P153 / BRM P14278/800+2 laps0
1970-04Spa Francorchamps18 611Yardley Team BRMBRM P153 / BRM P14228/2801:38:10.124
1970-05Zandvoort20 7101Yardley Team BRMBRM P153 / BRM P14277/800+3 laps0
1970-06Charade2010193Yardley Team BRMBRM P153 / BRM P1426/380gearbox0
1970-07Brands Hatch25151222Yardley Team BRMBRM P153 / BRM P14258/800crash0
1970-08Hockenheimring21 8176Yardley Team BRMBRM P153 / BRM P1427/500ignition0
1970-09Spielberg2422417Yardley Team BRMBRM P153 / BRM P14259/600+1 lap0
1970-10Monza24 21810Yardley Team BRMBRM P153 / BRM P14212/680engine3
1970-11Mont-Tremblant20 7414Yardley Team BRMBRM P153 / BRM P14289/900+1 lap0
1970-12Watkins Glen24 4219Yardley Team BRMBRM P153 / BRM P142108/1080+36.3918
1970-13Mexico City18 7619Yardley Team BRMBRM P153 / BRM P14265/650+84.760
1971-01Kyalami25101816Yardley Team BRMBRM P160 / BRM P14233/790overheating0
1971-02Montjuic Park22 5414Yardley Team BRMBRM P160 / BRM P14275/750+77.90
1971-03Monte Carlo18 5915Yardley Team BRMBRM P160 / BRM P14276/800+4 laps0
1971-04Zandvoort24 228Yardley Team BRMBRM P160 / BRM P14270/700+7.9922
1971-05Paul Ricard24 51815Yardley Team BRMBRM P160 / BRM P14227/550ignition0