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Alessandro Nannini

Formula One Series Results (races)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerChassis / EngineLapsMoneyStatusLed
1986-01Jacarepagua25252024Minardi TeamMinardi M185B / Motori Moderni Tipo 615-918/610clutch0
1986-02Jerez25252524Minardi TeamMinardi M185B / Motori Moderni Tipo 615-90/720differential0
1986-03Imola26182624Minardi TeamMinardi M185B / Motori Moderni Tipo 615-90/600crash0
1986-05Spa Francorchamps25221724Minardi TeamMinardi M185B / Motori Moderni Tipo 615-924/430gearbox0
1986-06Montreal25202224Minardi TeamMinardi M185B / Motori Moderni Tipo 615-917/690turbo0
1986-07Detroit26242524Minardi TeamMinardi M185B / Motori Moderni Tipo 615-93/630turbo0
1986-08Paul Ricard26192424Minardi TeamMinardi M185B / Motori Moderni Tipo 615-93/800crash0
1986-09Brands Hatch26201324Minardi TeamMinardi M185B / Motori Moderni Tipo 615-950/750steering0
1986-10Hockenheimring26221924Minardi TeamMinardi M185B / Motori Moderni Tipo 615-919/440overheating0
1986-11Hungaroring26171724Minardi TeamMinardi M185B / Motori Moderni Tipo 615-930/760engine0
1986-12Spielberg26191724Minardi TeamMinardi M186 / Motori Moderni Tipo 615-913/520suspension0
1986-13Monza27192224Minardi TeamMinardi M185B / Motori Moderni Tipo 615-915/510electrical0
1986-14Estoril27181624Minardi TeamMinardi M185B / Motori Moderni Tipo 615-960/700+10 laps0
1986-15Mexico City26241424Minardi TeamMinardi M185B / Motori Moderni Tipo 615-964/680+4 laps0
1986-16Adelaide26182424Minardi TeamMinardi M185B / Motori Moderni Tipo 615-910/820crash0
1987-01Jacarepagua23151924Minardi TeamMinardi M86 / Motori Moderni 615-9017/610suspension0
1987-02Imola27152124Minardi TeamMinardi M86 / Motori Moderni 615-9025/590turbo0
1987-03Spa Francorchamps26142324Minardi TeamMinardi M86 / Motori Moderni 615-901/430turbo0
1987-04Monte Carlo25132224Minardi TeamMinardi M86 / Motori Moderni 615-9021/780electrical0
1987-05Detroit26181824Minardi TeamMinardi M86 / Motori Moderni 615-9022/630gearbox0
1987-06Paul Ricard26152124Minardi TeamMinardi M86 / Motori Moderni 615-9023/800turbo0
1987-07Silverstone26152024Minardi TeamMinardi M86 / Motori Moderni 615-9010/650engine0
1987-08Hockenheimring26161324Minardi TeamMinardi M86 / Motori Modemi 615-9025/440engine0
1987-09Hungaroring26201124Minardi TeamMinardi M86 / Motori Moderni 615-9073/760+3 laps0
1987-10Spielberg26152424Minardi TeamMinardi M86 / Motori Moderni 615-901/520engine0
1987-11Monza26181624Minardi TeamMinardi M86 / Motori Moderni 615-9045/500+5 laps0
1987-12Estoril26141124Minardi TeamMinardi M86 / Motori Moderni 615-9066/700out of fuel0
1987-13Jerez26212124Minardi TeamMinardi M86 / Motori Moderni 615-9045/720turbo0
1987-14Mexico City26142024Minardi TeamMinardi M86 / Motori Moderni 615-9013/630turbo0
1987-15Suzuka27141924Minardi TeamMinardi M86 / Motori Moderni 615-9032/510engine0
1987-16Adelaide26132624Minardi TeamMinardi M86 / Motori Moderni 615-900/820crash0
1988-01Jacarepagua26122119Benetton FormulaBenetton B188 / Ford Cosworth DFR7/600engine0
1988-02Imola26 4619Benetton FormulaBenetton B188 / Ford Cosworth DFR59/600+1 lap0
1988-03Monte Carlo26 61519Benetton FormulaBenetton B188 / Ford Cosworth DFR38/780gearbox0
1988-04Mexico City26 8719Benetton FormulaBenetton B188 / Ford Cosworth DFR65/670+2 laps0
1988-05Montreal26 52419Benetton FormulaBenetton B188 / Ford Cosworth DFR15/690ignition0
1988-06Detroit26 72219Benetton FormulaBenetton B188 / Ford Cosworth DFR14/630suspension0
1988-07Paul Ricard26 6619Benetton FormulaBenetton B188 / Ford Cosworth DFR79/800+1 lap0
1988-08Silverstone26 8319Benetton FormulaBenetton B188 / Ford Cosworth DFR65/650+51.2140
1988-09Hockenheimring26 61819Benetton FormulaBenetton B188 / Ford Cosworth DFR40/440+4 laps0
1988-10Hungaroring26 52019Benetton FormulaBenetton B188 / Ford Cosworth DFR24/760overheating0
1988-11Spa Francorchamps26 71519Benetton FormulaBenetton B188 / Ford Cosworth DFR43/430disqualified0
1988-12Monza26 9919Benetton FormulaBenetton B188 / Ford Cosworth DFR50/510+1 lap0
1988-13Estoril26 91619Benetton FormulaBenetton B188 / Ford Cosworth DFR52/700handling0
1988-14Jerez26 5319Benetton FormulaBenetton B188 / Ford Cosworth DFR72/720+35.4460
1988-15Suzuka2612519Benetton FormulaBenetton B188 / Ford Cosworth DFR51/510+90.6030
1988-16Adelaide26 81419Benetton FormulaBenetton B188 / Ford Cosworth DFR63/820spun off0
1989-01Jacarepagua2611619Benetton FormulaBenetton B188 / Ford DFR61/610+18.2410
1989-02Imola26 7319Benetton FormulaBenetton B188 / Ford DFR57/580+1 lap0
1989-03Monte Carlo2615819Benetton FormulaBenetton B188 / Ford DFR74/770+3 laps0
1989-04Mexico City2613419Benetton FormulaBenetton B188 / Ford DFR69/690+45.4950
1989-05Phoenix26 32419Benetton FormulaBenetton B188 / Ford DFR10/750physical0
1989-06Montreal26132519Benetton FormulaBenetton B188 / Ford DFR0/690disqualified0
1989-07Paul Ricard26 41919Benetton FormulaBenetton B189 / Ford HBA440/800suspension0
1989-08Silverstone26 9319Benetton FormulaBenetton B189 / Ford HBA464/640+48.0190
1989-09Hockenheimring26 72219Benetton FormulaBenetton B189 / Ford HBA46/450electrical0
1989-10Hungaroring26 71819Benetton FormulaBenetton B189 / Ford HBA446/770gearbox0
1989-11Spa Francorchamps26 7519Benetton FormulaBenetton B189 / Ford HBA444/440+68.8050
1989-12Monza26 81619Benetton FormulaBenetton B189 / Ford HBA433/530brakes0
1989-13Estoril2613419Benetton FormulaBenetton B189 / Ford HBA471/710+82.3690
1989-14Jerez26142319Benetton FormulaBenetton B189 / Ford HBA414/730spun off0
1989-15Suzuka26 6119Benetton FormulaBenetton B189 / Ford HBA453/5301:35:06.2777
1989-16Adelaide26 4219Benetton FormulaBenetton B189 / Ford HBA470/700+28.6580
1990-01Phoenix26221119Benetton FormulaBenetton B189B / Ford HBA470/720+2 laps0
1990-02Interlagos26151019Benetton FormulaBenetton B189B / Ford HBA468/710puncture0
1990-03Imola27 9319Benetton FormulaBenetton B190 / Ford HBA461/610+6.2400
1990-04Monte Carlo26161719Benetton FormulaBenetton B190 / Ford HBA420/780gearbox0
1990-05Montreal26 42119Benetton FormulaBenetton B190 / Ford HBA421/700spun off3
1990-06Mexico City2614419Benetton FormulaBenetton B190 / Ford HBA469/690+41.0990
1990-07Paul Ricard26 51619Benetton FormulaBenetton B190 / Ford HBA475/800electrical0
1990-08Silverstone26132319Benetton FormulaBenetton B190 / Ford HBA415/640crash0
1990-09Hockenheimring26 9219Benetton FormulaBenetton B190 / Ford HBA445/450+6.52016
1990-10Hungaroring26 71819Benetton FormulaBenetton B190 / Ford HBA464/770crash0
1990-11Spa Francorchamps26 6419Benetton FormulaBenetton B190 / Ford HBA444/440+49.3370
1990-12Monza26 8819Benetton FormulaBenetton B190 / Ford HBA452/530+1 lap0
1990-13Estoril26 9619Benetton FormulaBenetton B190 / Ford HBA461/610+58.2490
1990-14Jerez26 9319Benetton FormulaBenetton B190 / Ford HBA473/730+34.8740