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Kazuki Nakajima

Formula One Series Results (races)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerChassis / EngineLapsMoneyStatusLed
2007-17Interlagos22191017AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW29 / Toyota RVX-0770/710+1 lap0
2008-01Melbourne221368AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW30 / Toyota RVX-0857/580+1 lap0
2008-02Sepang2222178AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW30 / Toyota RVX-0854/560+2 laps0
2008-03Bahrain2216148AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW30 / Toyota RVX-0856/570+1 lap0
2008-04Catalunya221278AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW30 / Toyota RVX-0866/660+58.2440
2008-05Istanbul2016198AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW30 / Toyota RVX-080/580crash0
2008-06Monte Carlo201378AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW30 / Toyota RVX-0876/760+30.1800
2008-07Montreal2012158AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW30 / Toyota RVX-0846/700crash0
2008-08Magny-Cours2015158AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW30 / Toyota RVX-0869/700+1 lap0
2008-09Silverstone201588AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW30 / Toyota RVX-0859/600+1 lap0
2008-10Hockenheimring2016148AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW30 / Toyota RVX-0867/670+60.0030
2008-11Hungaroring2016138AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW30 / Toyota RVX-0869/700+1 lap0
2008-12Valencia2011158AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW30 / Toyota RVX-0856/570+1 lap0
2008-13Spa Francorchamps2019148AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW30 / Toyota RVX-0843/440+1 lap0
2008-14Monza2018128AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW30 / Toyota RVX-0853/530+62.0150
2008-15Marina Bay201088AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW30 / Toyota RVX-0861/610+18.4890
2008-16Mount Fuji2014158AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW30 / Toyota RVX-0866/670+1 lap0
2008-17Shanghai2017128AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW30 / Toyota RVX-0856/560+90.8470
2008-18Interlagos2016178AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW30 / Toyota RVX-0869/710+2 laps0
2009-01Melbourne20111817AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW31 / Toyota RVX-0917/580crash0
2009-02Sepang20111217AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW31 / Toyota RVX-0931/310+116.1300
2009-03Shanghai20141817AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW31 / Toyota RVX-0943/560transmission0
2009-04Bahrain20122017AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW31 / Toyota RVX-0948/570oil pressure0
2009-05Catalunya20111317AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW31 / Toyota RVX-0965/660+1 lap0
2009-06Monte Carlo20101517AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW31 / Toyota RVX-0976/780spun off0
2009-07Istanbul20121217AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW31 / Toyota RVX-0958/580+66.3760
2009-08Silverstone20 51117AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW31 / Toyota RVX-0960/600+74.0230
2009-09Nurburgring20131117AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW31 / Toyota RVX-0960/600+62.3270
2009-10Hungaroring19 9917AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW31 / Toyota RVX-0970/700+68.7740
2009-11Valencia20171817AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW31 / Toyota RVX-0954/570+3 laps0
2009-12Spa Francorchamps20181317AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW31 / Toyota RVX-0944/440+54.2410
2009-13Monza20171017AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW31 / Toyota RVX-0953/530+162.1630
2009-14Marina Bay2010917AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW31 / Toyota RVX-0961/610+56.0540
2009-15Suzuka20151517AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW31 / Toyota RVX-0953/530+17.9370
2009-16Interlagos20 91517AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW31 / Toyota RVX-0930/710crash0
2009-17Abu Dhabi20131317AT&T WilliamsWilliams FW31 / Toyota RVX-0955/550+59.8390