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Kerry Micks

CASCAR East Series Results (races)

(1998-2000 only)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
1998-01Delaware38311902Ford Fast LaneFord–/3000
1998-02Hamilton38301002Ford Fast LaneFord298/3000
1998-03St. Eustache30252602Ford Fast LaneFord106/1500
1998-04Ste. Croix36 6402Ford Fast LaneFord200/2000running
1998-05Peterborough3013802Ford Fast LaneFord150/1500running
1998-06Hamilton3829402Ford Fast LaneFord300/3000running0
1998-07Hamilton3834142Ford Fast LaneFord297/3000
1998-08New Brunswick3119212Ford Fast LaneFord195/20000
1999-01Delaware37112002Susan MicksFord–/25000
1999-02Peterborough30 6202Ford Fast Lane / Snap-On Tools   (Susan Micks)Ford150/1500running0
1999-03Ste. Croix29172402Ford Fast Lane / Snap-On Tools   (Susan Micks)Ford159/20000
1999-04St. Eustache31 9202Ford Fast Lane / Herbrand Tools   (Susan Micks)Ford150/1500running
1999-05Hamilton3810102Ford Fast Lane / Herbrand Tools   (Susan Micks)Ford250/2500running116
1999-06Bowmanville31142002Ford Fast Lane / Herbrand Tools   (Susan Micks)Ford178/20002
1999-07Toronto35111802Ford Fast Lane / Herbrand Tools   (Susan Micks)Ford33/3400
1999-08Hamilton39 9102Ford Fast Lane / Herbrand Tools   (Susan Micks)Ford250/2500running47
1999-09New Brunswick2213402Ford Fast Lane / Herbrand Tools   (Susan Micks)Ford200/2000running0
2000-01Delaware38 4602Ford Fast LaneFord250/2500running
2000-02Hamilton38 81402Ford Fast LaneFord249/25000
2000-03St. Eustache31 3102Ford Fast LaneFord150/1500running150
2000-04Bowmanville3811502Ford Fast LaneFord200/2000running0
2000-05New Brunswick23 81002Ford Fast LaneFord197/20000
2000-06Chicoutimi25122202Ford Fast LaneFord142/15000
2000-07Toronto41 5502Ford Fast LaneFord30/300running0
2000-08St. Eustache29 9402Ford Fast LaneFord200/2000running0