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Rex Mays

AAA / USAC Champ Car Series Results (top 10s)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerChassis / EngineLapsMoneyStatusLed
1936-02Goshen14 2133Gilmore Speedway   (Paul Weirick)Adams / Sparks100/1002,200running100
1936-03Syracuse15 5333Gilmore Speedway   (Paul Weirick)Adams / Sparks100/100900running19
1937-02Westbury30 3314Bowes Seal Fast   (Bill White)Alfa Romeo / Alfa Romeo90/909,250running0
1938-02Syracuse14 428Bill WhiteOffy100/1001,250running0
1940-01Indianapolis33 1233Bowes Seal FastStevens / Winfield SC200/20015,950running59
1940-02Springfield14 1133Bowes Seal Fast   (Charles Bowes)Stevens / Winfield100/1002,200running100
1940-03Syracuse14 1133Bowes Seal Fast   (Charles Bowes)Stevens / Winfield100/1002,950running100
1941-01Indianapolis33 221Bowes Seal Fast   (Charles Bowes)Stevens / Winfield SC200/20014,850running38
1941-02Milwaukee14 111Bowes Seal Fast   (Charles Bowes)Stevens / Winfield100/1002,000running100
1941-03Syracuse14 111Bowes Seal Fast   (Charles Bowes)Stevens / Winfield100/1005,200running100
1946-02Langhorne12 911Bowes Seal Fast   (Charles Bowes)Stevens / Winfield100/1003,640running76
1946-04Indianapolis14 111Bowes Seal Fast   (Charles Bowes)Stevens / Winfield100/1003,904running100
1946-05Milwaukee14 111Bowes Seal Fast   (Charles Bowes)Stevens / Winfield100/1004,724running94
1947-01Indianapolis332069Bowes Seal Fast   (Charles Bowes)Kurtis / Winfield SC200/2004,000running0
1947-02Milwaukee181429Bob FlavellAdams / Sparks100/1004,248running0
1947-06Milwaukee18 8109Bowes Seal Fast   (Charles Bowes)Kurtis Winfield62/100550running0
1947-11Arlington14 6421Thorne Engineering   (Joel Thorne)Adams / Sparks94/95760running0
1948-05Milwaukee19 545Bowes Seal Fast   (Charles Bowes)Kurtis / Winfield100/1001,145running0
1948-06Springfield20 745Bowes Seal Fast   (Charles Bowes)Kurtis / Winfield100/100735running0
1948-07Milwaukee21 475Charles BowesKurtis / Winfield182/100973magneto0
1948-09Atlanta12 2105Bowes Seal Fast   (Charles Bowes)Kurtis / Winfield28/100279fuel tank5
1949-01Arlington11 1215Erwin WolfeKurtis / Offy94/951,643running0
1949-03Milwaukee18 1777Erwin WolfeKurtis / Offy100/100824running0
1949-04Trenton18 11077Erwin WolfeKurtis / Offy–/100257dnf0
1949-05Springfield18 2215Erwin WolfeKurtis / Offy100/1001,800running0
1949-06Milwaukee22 2315Erwin WolfeKurtis / Offy200/2002,600running0
1949-11Springfield18 9215Erwin WolfeKurtis / Offy100/1001,260running22
1949-13Sacramento18 3215Erwin WolfeKurtis / Offy100/1000running1