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Brett Lunger

Formula One Series Results (races)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerChassis / EngineLapsMoneyStatusLed
1978-02Jacarepagua24132030Liggett Group / BS FabricationsMcLaren M23 / Ford Cosworth DFV11/630overheating0
1977-10Silverstone26191330Chesterfield RacingMcLaren M23 / Ford Cosworth DFV64/680+4 laps0
1977-11Hockenheimring25211930Chesterfield RacingMcLaren M23 / Ford Cosworth DFV14/470crash0
1977-12Spielberg26171030Chesterfield RacingMcLaren M23 / Ford Cosworth DFV53/540+1 lap0
1977-13Zandvoort2620930Chesterfield RacingMcLaren M23 / Ford Cosworth DFV73/750+2 laps0
1977-14Monza24192330Chesterfield RacingMcLaren M23 / Ford Cosworth DFV4/520engine0
1977-15Watkins Glen26171030Chesterfield RacingMcLaren M23 / Ford Cosworth DFV57/590+2 laps0
1977-16Bowmanville26201130Chesterfield RacingMcLaren M23 / Ford Cosworth DFV76/800engine0
1978-01Oscar Galvez24241330Liggett Group / BS FabricationsMcLaren M23 / Ford Cosworth DFV51/520+1 lap0
1977-08Anderstorp24221130Chesterfield RacingMcLaren M23 / Ford Cosworth DFV71/720+1 lap0
1978-03Kyalami26191130Liggett Group / BS FabricationsMcLaren M23 / Ford Cosworth DFV76/780+2 laps0
1978-06Zolder2424730Liggett Group / BS FabricationsMcLaren M23 / Ford Cosworth DFV69/700+1 lap0
1978-09Paul Ricard26241930Liggett Group / BS FabricationsMcLaren M23 / Ford Cosworth DFV45/540engine0
1978-10Brands Hatch2624830Liggett Group / BS FabricationsMcLaren M23 / Ford Cosworth DFV75/760+1 lap0
1978-12Spielberg2617830Liggett Group / BS FabricationsMcLaren M26 / Ford Cosworth DFV52/540+2 laps0
1978-13Zandvoort27211930Liggett Group / BS FabricationsMcLaren M26 / Ford Cosworth DFV35/750engine0
1978-14Monza24212330Liggett Group / BS FabricationsMcLaren M26 / Ford Cosworth DFV0/400crash0
1978-15Watkins Glen26241330Liggett Group / BS FabricationsMcLaren M26 / Ford Cosworth DFV58/590+1 lap0
1976-11Spielberg25161018Team SurteesSurtees TS19 / Ford Cosworth DFV51/540crash0
1975-13Monza26211025Hesketh RacingHesketh 308B / Ford Cosworth DFV50/520+2 laps0
1975-14Watkins Glen24181325Hesketh RacingHesketh 308B / Ford Cosworth DFV46/590crash0
1976-02Kyalami25201118Team SurteesSurtees TS19 / Ford Cosworth DFV77/780+1 lap0
1976-05Zolder26261318Team SurteesSurtees TS19 / Ford Cosworth DFV62/700electrical0
1976-07Anderstorp26241518Team SurteesSurtees TS19 / Ford Cosworth DFV70/720+2 laps0
1976-08Paul Ricard27231618Team SurteesSurtees TS19 / Ford Cosworth DFV53/540+1 lap0
1976-09Brands Hatch25181318Team SurteesSurtees TS19 / Ford Cosworth DFV55/760gearbox0
1976-10Nurburgring26242518Team SurteesSurtees TS19 / Ford Cosworth DFV0/140crash0
1975-12Spielberg28171325Hesketh RacingHesketh 308B / Ford Cosworth DFV28/290+1 lap0
1976-13Monza29241418Team SurteesSurtees TS19 / Ford Cosworth DFV50/520+2 laps0
1976-14Bowmanville26221518Team SurteesSurtees TS19 / Ford Cosworth DFV78/800+2 laps0
1976-15Watkins Glen26241118Team SurteesSurtees TS19 / Ford Cosworth DFV57/590+2 laps0
1977-03Kyalami23231430Chesterfield RacingMarch 761 / Ford Cosworth DFV76/780+2 laps0
1977-04Long Beach22212130Chesterfield RacingMarch 761 / Ford Cosworth DFV4/800crash0
1977-05Jarama25251030Chesterfield RacingMarch 761 / Ford Cosworth DFV72/750+3 laps0
1977-07Zolder27222730Chesterfield RacingMcLaren M23 / Ford Cosworth DFV0/700did not start0