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Raphael Lessard

CARS Super Late Model Tour Results (races)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
2016-01Kenly24 6399FRL Express   (David Gilliland)Toyota150/1501,900running0
2016-02Rougemont24 7299FRL Express   (David Gilliland)Toyota150/1502,700running0
2016-03Hickory23 9199FRL Express / TRD   (David Gilliland)Toyota125/1255,500running21
2016-04Tri-County20 9799FRL Express / TRD / JBL   (David Gilliland)Toyota100/1001,000running0
2016-05Greenville15 6599FRL Express / TRD / JBL   (David Gilliland)Toyota100/1001,250running0
2016-06Rougemont23 41199FRL Express / TRD   (David Gilliland)Toyota115/125980mechanical0
2016-07Concord17 1199FRL Express / TRD / JBL   (David Gilliland)Toyota100/1005,500running80
2016-08Myrtle Beach18 1199FRL Express / TRD / JBL   (David Gilliland)Toyota100/1005,750running12
2016-09Hickory2112399FRL Express / TRD / JBL   (David Gilliland)Toyota151/1512,060running0
2016-10Kenly18 7199CSX "I Brake For Trains" / FRL Express   (David Gilliland)Toyota125/1255,500running44
2017-04Hickory11 5499FRL Express / TRD   (David Gilliland)Toyota75/75750running0
2017-05Hickory11 5199FRL Express / TRD   (David Gilliland)Toyota75/752,550running45
2017-06Bristol35 51599LFRL Express / Team Coach Imaging   (David Gilliland)Toyota99/1001,300running0
2017-07Anderson26252599FLR Express / Toyota   (David Gilliland)Toyota0/1250did not start0
2017-10Rougemont2112999FRL Express / TRD   (David Gilliland)Toyota151/1511,600running0
2017-13South Boston1310599FRL Express / TRD   (David Gilliland)Toyota125/1251,250running0
2018-01Myrtle Beach17 1651LFRL Express / Mobil 1   (Kyle Busch Motorsports)Toyota100/1001,100running1
2018-02Nashville36 81951FRL Express / Mobil 1   (Kyle Busch Motorsports)Toyota100/100550running0
2018-03Rougemont27 5451FRL Express / Mobil 1   (Kyle Busch Motorsports)Toyota150/1501,800running0
2018-04Hickory18 91251FRL Express / Mobil 1   (Kyle Busch Motorsports)Toyota151/151550running7
2018-05Bristol26 4151LFRL Express / Mobil 1   (Kyle Busch Motorsports)Toyota100/10012,000running55
2018-06Anderson29 9451FRL Express / Mobil 1   (Kyle Busch Motorsports)Toyota150/1501,250running0
2018-07Hickory28 71551FRL Express / Mobil 1   (Kyle Busch Motorsports)Toyota136/138500running0
2018-08Rougemont17 1518FRL Express / Mobil 1   (Kyle Busch Motorsports)Toyota150/1501,200running4