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Michel Jourdain, Jr.

NASCAR Peak Mexico Series Results (races)

(2011-present only)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
2017-01Monterrey3018840Grupo Indi / Axalta   (Michel Jourdain, Jr.)Toyota32/320running0
2017-02San Luis Potosi31192940Grupo Indi / Axalta   (Michel Jourdain, Jr.)Toyota82/1470dnf0
2017-03Puebla2818340Grupo Indi / Axalta   (Michel Jourdain, Jr.)Toyota31/310running0
2017-04Guadalajara31 82940Grupo Indi / Axalta   (Michel Jourdain, Jr.)Toyota58/1020crash0
2017-05Leon26 6140Grupo Indi / Axalta   (Michel Jourdain, Jr.)Toyota56/560running0
2017-06Aguascalientes30191240Grupo Indi / Axalta   (Michel Jourdain, Jr.)Toyota145/1470running0
2017-07Pachuca27 5340Grupo Indi / Axalta   (Michel Jourdain, Jr.)Toyota56/560running0
2017-08Queretaro31211240Grupo Indi / Axalta   (Michel Jourdain, Jr.)Toyota119/1190running0
2017-09Guadalajara2712540Grupo Indi / Axalta   (Michel Jourdain, Jr.)Toyota109/1090running0
2017-10Chiapas29221040Grupo Indi / Axalta   (Michel Jourdain, Jr.)Toyota127/1270running0
2017-11Puebla26191140Grupo Indi / Axalta   (Michel Jourdain, Jr.)Toyota83/830running0
2017-12Mexico City27 71740Grupo Indi / Axalta   (Michel Jourdain, Jr.)Toyota58/580running0
2018-01Monterrey23 9340Grupo Indi / Axalta / Freightliner   (Michel Jourdain)Toyota31/310running0
2018-02San Luis Potosi25102340Grupo Indi / Axalta / Freightliner   (Michel Jourdain, Jr.)Toyota133/1640dnf0
2018-03Chihuahua32202540Grupo Indi / Axalta / Freightliner   (Michel Jourdain, Jr.)Toyota169/1760running0
2018-04Guadalajara23181240Grupo Indi / Axalta / Freightliner   (Michel Jourdain, Jr.)Toyota121/1210running 
2018-05Puebla23 4340Grupo Indi / Axalta / Freightliner   (Michel Jourdain, Jr.)Toyota43/430running0
2018-06Aguascalientes24 2040Grupo Indi / Axalta / Freightliner   (Michel Jourdain Jr.)Toyota71/1430crash0
2018-07Queretaro24111440Grupo Indi / Axalta / Freightliner   (Michel Jourdain Jr.)Toyota33/330running0
2018-08Puebla23171840Grupo Indi / Axalta / Freightliner   (Michel Jourdain Jr.)Toyota89/890running0
2018-09Chiapas25141040Grupo Indi / Axalta / Freightliner   (Michel Jourdain Jr.)Toyota142/1420running0
2018-10Aguascalientes22 51740Grupo Indi / Axalta / Freightliner   (Michel Jourdain Jr.)Toyota50/510running0
2018-11Guadalajara24171540Grupo Indi / Axalta / Freightliner   (Michel Jourdain Jr.)Toyota106/1060running0
2018-12Mexico City25 7540Grupo Indi / Axalta / Freightliner   (Michel Jourdain Jr.)Toyota48/480running0
2019-01Monterrey21211409Axalta / Freightliner   (Michel Jourdain)Toyota54/540running0
2019-02Chiapas2514509Axalta / Freightliner   (Michel Jourdain)Toyota141/1410running0
2019-03Guadalajara2111709Axalta / Freightliner   (Michel Jourdain)Toyota109/1090running0
2019-04Aguascalientes21 6409Axalta / Freightliner   (Michel Jourdain)Toyota48/480running0
2019-05Puebla20 21209Axalta / Freightliner   (Michel Jourdain)Toyota75/750running0
2019-06Chihuahua2615609Axalta / Freightliner   (Michel Jourdain)Toyota240/2400running0