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Cameron Hayley

NASCAR K&N Pro Series West Results (top 5s)

(1970-present only)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
2011-11Kalispell20 7224Cabinets by Hayley   (Mike Curb)Toyota150/1500running0
2011-13Roseville24 5324Cabinets by Hayley   (Mike Curb)Toyota152/1520running14
2012-07LVMS Bullring26 2524Cabinets by Hayley   (Bill McAnally)Toyota200/2000running0
2012-10Colorado24 5324Cabinets by Hayley   (Bill McAnally)Toyota153/1530running0
2012-11Iowa36 3224Cabinets by Hayley   (Bill McAnally)Toyota150/1500running0
2012-14Roseville24 3524NAPA Batteries / Cabinets by Hayley   (Bill McAnally)Toyota150/1500running0
2012-15Phoenix30 9524Cabinets by Hayley   (Bill McAnally)Toyota50/500running0
2013-01Phoenix30 2224Cabinets by Hayley / GPM   (Gene Price)Ford60/600running6
2013-02Stockton24 1324Cabinets by Hayley / GPM   (Gene Price)Ford150/1500running0
2013-03Brainerd19 5524Cabinets by Hayley   (Gene Price)Ford50/500running10
2013-04Iowa42 3324Cabinets by Hayley   (Gene Price)Ford159/1590running0
2013-06Sonoma35 1224Cabinets by Hayley / GPM   (Gene Price)Ford66/660running17
2013-07Colorado19 3324Cabinets by Hayley / GPM   (Gene Price)Ford150/1500running2
2013-08Iowa40 1224Cabinets by Hayley   (Gene Price)Ford150/1500running0
2013-10Spokane20 1324Cabinets by Hayley / GPM   (Gene Price)Ford150/1500running31
2013-12Albuquerque18 3324Cabinets by Hayley / GPM   (Gene Price)Ford150/1500running0
2013-13Roseville24 2124Cabinets by Hayley / GPM   (Gene Price)Ford150/1500running5
2013-14Bakersfield28 5524Cabinets by Hayley / GPM   (Gene Price)Ford150/1500running0
2013-15Phoenix31 2324Cabinets by Hayley / GPM   (Gene Price)Ford50/500running0