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Robbie Groff

Indy Lights Series Results (podiums)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerChassis / EngineLapsMoneyStatusLed
1990-03Milwaukee17 3311Northwest Excavating   (Groff Racing)March / Buick87/875,000running0
1990-11Mid-Ohio12 6311Condor / Northridge Equipment   (Groff Racing)March / Buick29/295,000running0
1990-13Nazareth11 2111Condor / Northridge Equipment   (Groff Racing)March / Buick75/7525,500running75
1990-14Laguna Seca16 5311Condor / Northridge Equipment   (Groff Racing)March / Buick34/345,000running0
1991-01Long Beach18 635Northwest Excavating   (Groff Motorsports)March / Buick45/455,750running0
1991-02Phoenix15 515Northwest Excavating   (Groff Motorsports)March / Buick75/7523,750running21
1991-03Milwaukee12 215Northwest Excavating   (Groff Motorsports)March / Buick100/10021,250running100
1991-06Cleveland14 435Northwest Excavating   (Groff Motorsports)March / Buick32/325,750running0
1992-01Phoenix16 625Northwest Excavating   (Groff Motorsports)March / Buick75/7510,000running0
1992-02Long Beach17 325Northwest Excavating   (Groff Motorsports)March / Buick47/4710,000running0
1992-05Milwaukee13 425Northwest Excavating   (Groff Motorsports)March / Buick75/7510,000running18
1992-10Mid-Ohio18 415Northwest   (Groff Motorsports)March / Buick34/3420,000running8
1992-12Laguna Seca20 115Bolle / General Car Rental   (Groff Motorsports)March / Buick34/3420,000running34
1993-01Phoenix151134Travelers Inn   (Bradley Motorsports)Lola / Buick75/755,000running0
1993-04Belle Isle21 334Travelers Inn   (Bradley Motorsports)Lola / Buick33/335,000running0
1993-08Loudon17 7225Marcelo Group / Knights Inn   (Groff Motorsports)Lola / Buick66/6610,000running0
1993-12Laguna Seca23 6325Marcelo Group / Knights Inn   (Groff Motorsports)Lola / Buick31/315,000running0