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Ty Gibbs

ARCA Menards Series Results (top 10s)

(1985-present only)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
2019-02Pensacola2010218Monster Energy / Terrible Herbst   (Coy Gibbs)Toyota200/2000running1
2019-03Salem19 3618Monster Energy / Terrible Herbst   (Coy Gibbs)Toyota100/1010running0
2019-05Nashville20 2218Monster Energy / Terrible Herbst   (Coy Gibbs)Toyota200/2000running0
2019-06Toledo18 4218Monster Energy / Terrible Herbst   (Coy Gibbs)Toyota152/1520running0
2019-10Madison18 3818Monster Energy/Terrible Herbst/Advance Auto   (Coy Gibbs)Toyota200/2000running14
2019-11Gateway22 8118Monster Energy/Terrible Herbst/Advance Auto   (Coy Gibbs)Toyota120/1200running32
2019-13Elko20 2218Monster Energy/Terrible Herbst/Advance Auto   (Coy Gibbs)Toyota250/2500running31
2019-14Iowa19 5518Monster Energy/Terrible Herbst/Advance Auto   (Coy Gibbs)Toyota150/1500running10
2019-18Salem21 1118Monster Energy/Terrible Herbst/Advance Auto   (Coy Gibbs)Toyota200/2000running196
2020-02Phoenix24 1318Monster / Terrible Herbst / ORCA Coolers   (Coy Gibbs)Toyota150/1500running122
2020-04Pocono20 2118Monster / Terrible Herbst / ORCA Coolers   (Coy Gibbs)Toyota80/800running65
2020-06Kentucky17 3118Monster / Terrible Herbst / ORCA Coolers   (Coy Gibbs)Toyota100/1000running59
2020-07Iowa21 5118Monster / Terrible Herbst / ORCA   (Coy Gibbs)Toyota150/1500running140
2020-09Toledo16 2218Monster / Terrible Herbst / ORCA   (Coy Gibbs)Toyota200/2000running0
2020-10Toledo16 11018Monster / Terrible Herbst / ORCA   (Coy Gibbs)Toyota127/1270running107
2020-12Daytona (Road)21 5218Monster / Terrible Herbst / ORCA   (Coy Gibbs)Toyota28/280running19
2020-13Gateway21 5118Monster / Terrible Herbst / ORCA   (Coy Gibbs)Toyota120/1200running109
2020-14Lebanon14 4418Monster / Terrible Herbst / ORCA   (Coy Gibbs)Toyota200/2000running0
2020-15Toledo19 4318Monster / Terrible Herbst / ORCA   (Coy Gibbs)Toyota200/2000running0
2020-16Bristol26 1218Monster / Terrible Herbst / ORCA   (Coy Gibbs)Toyota200/2000running53
2020-17Winchester14 1118Monster / Terrible Herbst / ORCA   (Coy Gibbs)Toyota200/2000running199
2020-18Memphis18 1118Monster / Terrible Herbst / ORCA   (Coy Gibbs)Toyota200/2000running58
2020-19Springfield17 21018Monster / Terrible Herbst / ORCA   (Coy Gibbs)Toyota93/1030running0
2021-01Daytona3413418Monster Energy   (Coy Gibbs)Toyota82/820running0
2021-02Phoenix30 1118Pristine Auction   (Coy Gibbs)Toyota150/1500running124
2021-04Kansas20 1118Joe Gibbs Racing   (Coy Gibbs)Toyota100/1000running100
2021-05Toledo14 1118Joe Gibbs Racing   (Coy Gibbs)Toyota200/2000running153
2021-06Charlotte23 1118Joe Gibbs Racing   (Coy Gibbs)Toyota100/1000running100
2021-07Mid-Ohio17 2118Joe Gibbs Racing   (Coy Gibbs)Toyota42/420running35