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Dick Getty (owner)

NASCAR Cup Series Results (top 10s)

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1957-01Lancaster34181000Dick GettyChevrolet55/60135running0
1957-14Portland16 7800Dick GettyChevrolet97/100150running0
1957-18Portland23 7500Dick GettyChevrolet146/150270running
1957-25Sacramento3121800Dick GettyChevrolet188/199150running
1957-36Bremerton14 8700Dick GettyChevrolet77/80200running0
1957-43Sacramento2716500Dick GettyChevrolet100/100325running0
1962-42Winston-Salem24 5700Dick GettyChevrolet192/200205running0
1962-47Richmond3324900Dick GettyChevrolet281/300250running