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Scott Dixon

Weathertech SportsCar Championship Results (races)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
2014-01Daytona (Road)67 5802Chip Ganassi RacingFord Riley DP667/6950dnf72
2014-02Sebring63 6602Chip Ganassi RacingFord Riley DP291/2910running33
2014-15Road Atlanta52 4301Chip Ganassi RacingFord Riley DP399/4000running5
2015-01Daytona (Road)53 2102Chip Ganassi RacingRiley DP740/7400running264
2015-02Sebring44 9401Chip Ganassi RacingRiley DP339/3400running30
2015-12Road Atlanta37 3201Chip Ganassi RacingRiley DP199/1990running0
2016-01Daytona (Road)54 7702Ford Chip Ganassi RacingRiley DP708/7360running69
2016-02Sebring49 4567Ford Chip Ganassi RacingFord GT235/2380running0
2016-13Road Atlanta38 1767Ford Chip Ganassi RacingFord GT372/4120running0
2017-01Daytona (Road)55 21067Ford Chip Ganassi RacingFord GT624/6590running0
2017-02Sebring46 1467Ford Chip Ganassi RacingFord GT334/3480running0
2017-12Road Atlanta39 9867Ford Chip Ganassi RacingFord GT390/4020running0
2018-01Daytona (Road)50 5167Ford Chip Ganassi RacingFord GT783/8080running0
2018-02Sebring43 4467Ford Chip Ganassi RacingFord GT328/3440running0
2018-12Road Atlanta37 4567Ford Chip Ganassi RacingFord GT419/4430running0
2019-01Daytona (Road)47 3467Ford Chip Ganassi RacingFord GT570/5930running0
2019-02Sebring38 3667Ford Chip Ganassi RacingFord GT330/3480running0
2019-12Road Atlanta34 5267Ford Chip Ganassi RacingFord GT434/4650running0
2020-01Daytona (Road)38 5110Konica Minolta Cadillac DPi-V.RCadillac DPi833/8330running493
2020-09Road Atlanta31 5110Konica Minolta Cadillac DPi-V.RCadillac DPi460/4600running28
2020-11Sebring31 2710Konica Minolta Cadillac DPi-V.RCadillac DPi341/3480running44
2021-01Daytona (Road)49 7501Cadillac Chip Ganassi RacingCadillac DPi807/8070running225
2021-02Sebring37 3501Cadillac Chip Ganassi RacingCadillac DPi347/3490running115
2021-12Road Atlanta43 7501Cadillac Chip Ganassi RacingCadillac DPi409/4100running12
2022-01Daytona (Road)61 5701Cadillac RacingCadillac DPi722/7610running122