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Scott Dixon

Indy Lights Series Results (races)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerChassis / EngineLapsMoneyStatusLed
1999-01Homestead18 333NTS Computers   (Johansson Motorsports)Lola / Buick67/675,000running0
1999-02Long Beach191023NTS Computers   (Johansson Motorsports)Lola / Buick41/4110,000running0
1999-03Nazareth18 643NTS Computers   (Johansson Motorsports)Lola / Buick100/1004,500running0
1999-04Milwaukee19 8153NTS Computers   (Johansson Motorsports)Lola / Buick67/970crash0
1999-05Portland1911113NTS Computers   (Johansson Motorsports)Lola / Buick29/381,900crash0
1999-06Cleveland1910143NTS Computers   (Johansson Motorsports)Lola / Buick35/360running0
1999-07Toronto2018183Diagem / Speedbet   (Johansson Motorsports)Lola / Buick5/430suspension0
1999-08Michigan18 5163Diagem / Speedbet   (Johansson Motorsports)Lola / Buick12/500transmission0
1999-09Belle Isle191573Diagem / Speedbet   (Johansson Motorsports)Lola / Buick32/322,400running0
1999-10Cicero19 113Diagem / Speedbet   (Johansson Motorsports)Lola / Buick97/9720,000running97
1999-11Laguna Seca20 423Diagem / Speedbet   (Johansson Motorsports)Lola / Buick34/3410,000running0
1999-12Fontana20 6163Diagem / Speedbet   (Johansson Motorsports)Lola / Buick48/500running4
2000-01Long Beach19 2117Invensys / Powerware   (PacWest Lights)Lola / Buick38/3825,000running4
2000-02Milwaukee17 1117Invensys / Powerware   (PacWest Lights)Lola / Buick100/10025,000running66
2000-03Belle Isle18 4417Invensys / Powerware   (PacWest Lights)Lola / Buick32/325,500running0
2000-04Portland18 81117Invensys / Powerware   (PacWest Lights)Lola / Buick38/382,300running0
2000-05Michigan18131417Invensys / Powerware   (PacWest Lights)Lola / Buick49/500running0
2000-06Cicero18 3117Invensys / Powerware   (PacWest Lights)Lola / Buick97/9725,000running71
2000-07Mid-Ohio17 8217Invensys / Powerware   (PacWest Lights)Lola / Buick34/3412,500running0
2000-08Vancouver17 2117Invensys / Powerware   (PacWest Lights)Lola / Buick42/4225,000running7
2000-09Laguna Seca18 2117Invensys / Powerware   (PacWest Lights)Lola / Buick34/3425,000running32
2000-10Gateway15 21517Invensys / Powerware   (PacWest Lights)Lola / Buick18/790crash0
2000-11Houston17 61517Invensys / Powerware   (PacWest Lights)Lola / Buick20/450crash0
2000-12Fontana18 2117Invensys / Powerware   (PacWest Lights)Lola / Buick50/5025,000running48