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Ty Dillon

Camping World Truck Series Results (top 10s)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
2011-24Fort Worth36 8321Sherwin Williams / Cain Food   (Kevin Harvick)Chevrolet148/14825,775running0
2011-25Homestead36 2621Charter Communications   (Kevin Harvick)Chevrolet119/11913,000running0
2012-01Daytona36 493Bass Pro Shops / Tracker Boats   (Richard Childress)Chevrolet109/10915,425running0
2012-02Martinsville36 223Bass Pro Shops / Tracker Boats   (Richard Childress)Chevrolet250/25025,340running2
2012-03Rockingham361283Bass Pro Shops / Tracker Boats   (Richard Childress)Chevrolet200/20011,250running0
2012-04Kansas36 593Bass Pro Shops / Allstate   (Richard Childress)Chevrolet167/16714,875running0
2012-05Charlotte36 1103Bass Pro Shops / Natl. Wild Turkey Federation   (Richard Childress)Chevrolet134/13414,950running25
2012-06Dover35 663Bass Pro Shops / Allstate   (Richard Childress)Chevrolet147/14715,825running0
2012-07Fort Worth35 373Bass Pro Shops / Tracker Boats   (Richard Childress)Chevrolet167/16714,575running22
2012-08Kentucky36 433Bass Pro Shops / Tracker Boats   (Richard Childress)Chevrolet150/15028,155running3
2012-09Iowa361573Bass Pro Shops / Tracker Boats   (Richard Childress)Chevrolet200/20012,150running0
2012-11Pocono36 263Bass Pro Shops / Tracker Boats   (Richard Childress)Chevrolet50/5012,400running0
2012-12Michigan35 563Bass Pro Shops / Tracker Boats   (Richard Childress)Chevrolet100/10011,550running3
2012-14Atlanta36 113Bass Pro Shops / NRA Museum   (Richard Childress)Chevrolet130/13045,885running40
2012-15Iowa36 923Bass Pro Shops / NRA   (Richard Childress)Chevrolet200/20025,065running0
2012-16Kentucky36 333Bass Pro Shops / Tracker Boats   (Richard Childress)Chevrolet134/13419,635running0
2012-17Las Vegas34 5103Bass Pro Shops / Tracker Boats   (Richard Childress)Chevrolet146/14612,725running5
2012-18Talladega36 143Bass Pro Shops / Tracker Boats   (Richard Childress)Chevrolet94/9426,975running25
2012-20Fort Worth36 953Bass Pro Shops / Tracker Boats   (Richard Childress)Chevrolet147/14718,075running1
2013-01Daytona36 563Bass Pro Shops / Tracker Boats   (Richard Childress)Chevrolet100/10018,610running56
2013-04Kansas36 583Bass Pro Shops / Tracker Boats   (Richard Childress)Chevrolet167/16714,105running11
2013-05Charlotte36 253Bass Pro Shops / NWTF   (Richard Childress)Chevrolet134/13415,035running3
2013-07Fort Worth32 223Bass Pro Shops / Tracker Boats   (Richard Childress)Chevrolet167/16741,990running76
2013-08Kentucky362213Bass Pro Shops / Tracker Boats   (Richard Childress)Chevrolet150/15051,435running26
2013-12Michigan32 533Bass Pro Shops / Tracker Boats   (Richard Childress)Chevrolet100/10019,220running0
2013-13Bristol36 363Bass Pro Shops / Tracker Boats   (Richard Childress)Chevrolet200/20011,395running0
2013-15Iowa36 533Bass Pro Shops / Tracker Boats   (Richard Childress)Chevrolet212/21218,445running46
2013-16Chicago36 253Bass Pro Shops / Tracker Boats   (Richard Childress)Chevrolet150/15016,010running0
2013-17Las Vegas29 143Bass Pro Shops / Tracker Boats   (Richard Childress)Chevrolet146/14620,860running21
2013-20Fort Worth35 313Bass Pro Shops / Tracker Boats   (Richard Childress)Chevrolet147/14753,960running130
2013-21Phoenix361243Bass Pro Shops / Tracker Boats   (Richard Childress)Chevrolet150/15014,235running0
2014-10Eldora301353Bass Pro Shops   (Richard Childress)Chevrolet150/1509,885running0
2014-22Homestead36 779Qore-24   (Bob Newberry)Chevrolet134/13413,000running0
2015-02Atlanta3114233Rheem   (Maury Gallagher)Chevrolet130/13026,957running0   (Maury Gallagher)Chevrolet154/15413,346running0
2017-03Martinsville3216599Overkill Motorsports Motorcoaches   (Matthew Miller)Chevrolet250/2500running0