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Doug Coby

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Results (Stafford Motor Speedway)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
2002-17Stafford Springs32171928Ramar-Hall   (Don King)Chevrolet149/150900running0
2003-13Stafford Springs31 71728Ramar-Hall   (Don King)Chevrolet131/1521,650running0
2003-17Stafford Springs32131828Ramar-Hall   (Don King)Chevrolet149/1501,625running0
2004-02Stafford Springs33152528Ramar-Hall   (Don King)Chevrolet143/2001,350steering0
2004-05Stafford Springs31122528Ramar-Hall   (Don King)Chevrolet141/1621,450running0
2004-13Stafford Springs31121028Ramar-Hall   (Don King)Chevrolet150/1501,900running0
2004-18Stafford Springs32 52028Ramar-Hall   (Don King)Chevrolet129/1501,550running0
2005-02Stafford Springs33 92477Red Line Oil   (Curt Chase)Chevrolet166/2031,400running0
2005-05Stafford Springs31 6377Red Line Oil   (Curt Chase)Chevrolet150/1503,750running120
2005-11Stafford Springs31172577Mansfield Paper Co. / Red Line Oil   (Curt Chase)Pontiac146/1501,475running0
2005-17Stafford Springs32 82977Angellinos Italian Restaurant / Red Line Oil   (Curt Chase)Pontiac57/1501,500running0
2006-02Stafford Springs3329177Angellinos Italian Restaurant / Red Line Oil   (Curt Chase)Pontiac200/2008,300running62
2006-05Stafford Springs31102177Chase Racing   (Curt Chase)Pontiac134/1501,675running0
2006-09Stafford Springs31252077Chase Racing   (Curt Chase)Pontiac94/1501,600running0
2006-16Stafford Springs32131377Chase Racing   (Curt Chase)Pontiac150/1501,750running0
2007-09Stafford Springs3220477Racing Against Cancer / Foxwoods / Subway   (Curt Chase)Pontiac150/1502,600running0
2008-08Stafford Springs3116328Ramar-Hall / Genesis Shocks   (Don King)Chevrolet150/1502,700running0
2008-15Stafford Springs33 82128Ramar-Hall / Genesis Shocks   (Don King)Chevrolet149/1501,280running0
2009-02Stafford Springs33132819Major Motion Trans. / Family Auto Center   (George Bierce, Jr.)Chevrolet160/2001,300engine0
2009-03Stafford Springs31 9919Major Motion Trans. / Family Auto Center   (George Bierce, Jr.)Chevrolet101/1011,600running0
2009-07Stafford Springs32 82819Major Motion Trans. / Family Auto Center   (George Bierce, Jr.)Chevrolet101/1501,200running0
2009-12Stafford Springs32 3219Major Motion Trans. / Family Auto Center   (George Bierce, Jr.)Chevrolet153/1533,200running0
2010-02Stafford Springs33 2220Cliff Nelson / Earle's Asphalt   (Ralph Solhem)Chevrolet183/200875brake line60
2010-09Stafford Springs30131792Santos Motorsports / LI Mod Maniac   (Bob Santos)Chevrolet148/1501,025running5
2011-02Stafford Springs31 12952Reynolds Auto Wrecking   (Wayne Darling)Chevrolet83/2000crash0
2011-03Stafford Springs31 7852Reynolds Auto Wrecking / G2 Radios   (Wayne Darling)Chevrolet125/1250running0
2011-08Stafford Springs28 1952Reynolds Auto Wrecking   (Wayne Darling)Chevrolet150/1500running72
2011-15Stafford Springs3012952Reynolds Auto Wrecking   (Wayne Darling)Chevrolet154/1540running0
2012-02Stafford Springs28 7152Reynolds Auto Wrecking / Sims   (Wayne Darling)Chevrolet200/2000running89
2012-04Stafford Springs26 5152Reynolds Auto Wrecking / Furnace & Duct   (Wayne Darling)Chevrolet125/1250running8
2012-07Stafford Springs27 6152Reynolds Auto Wrecking / Furnace & Duct   (Wayne Darling)Chevrolet150/1500running102
2012-13Stafford Springs2611952Reynolds Auto Wrecking   (Wayne Darling)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2013-02Stafford Springs26 9652Reynolds Auto Wrecking / Furnace & Duct   (Wayne Darling)Chevrolet200/2000running0
2013-03Stafford Springs2710652Reynolds Auto Wrecking / Furnace & Duct   (Wayne Darling)Chevrolet125/1250running0
2013-08Stafford Springs26 3152Furnace & Duct / Seekonk GP   (Wayne Darling)Chevrolet150/1500running124
2013-13Stafford Springs25 9252Furnace & Duct / Seekonk Grand Prix   (Wayne Darling)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2014-02Stafford Springs27 422Dunleavy's Repair / A&J Romano Const.   (Mike Smeriglio III)Chevrolet200/2000running20
2014-03Stafford Springs24 212Dunleavy's Repair / HEX Performance   (Mike Smeriglio III)Chevrolet130/1300running122
2014-08Stafford Springs23 542Dunleavy's Repair / HEX Performance   (Mike Smeriglio III)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2014-12Stafford Springs22 382Dunleavy's Repair / HEX Perf. / Fox   (Mike Smeriglio III)Chevrolet152/1520running0
2015-02Stafford Springs331162Dunleavy's Repair / HEX Performance   (Mike Smeriglio III)Chevrolet200/2000running0
2015-04Stafford Springs31 1132Dunleavy's Repair / HEX Performance   (Mike Smeriglio III)Chevrolet125/1250running2
2015-09Stafford Springs26 322Dunleavy's Repair / A&J Romano Const.   (Mike Smeriglio III)Chevrolet150/1500running4
2015-14Stafford Springs27 112Dunleavy's Repair / HEX Performance   (Mike Smeriglio III)Chevrolet150/1500running45
2016-02Stafford Springs32 112Dunleavy's Repair / A&J Romano Const.   (Mike Smeriglio III)Chevrolet200/2000running193
2016-04Stafford Springs26 112Dunleavy's Repair / A&J Romano Const.   (Mike Smeriglio III)Chevrolet130/1300running129
2016-09Stafford Springs25 1202Dunleavy's Repair / A&J Romano Const.   (Mike Smeriglio III)Chevrolet145/1570out of fuel140
2016-16Stafford Springs25 112Dunleavy's Repair / A&J Romano Const.   (Mike Smeriglio III)Chevrolet150/1500running112
2017-03Stafford Springs28 122Mayhew Tools   (Mike Smeriglio III)Chevrolet200/2000running142
2017-08Stafford Springs28 222Mayhew Tools / Dunleavy's / A.J. Romano   (Mike Smeriglio III)Chevrolet150/1500running135
2017-15Stafford Springs27 272Mayhew Tools / Dunleavy's / A.J. Romano   (Mike Smeriglio III)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2018-03Stafford Springs32 5212Mayhew / Dunleavy's / AJ Romano Const.   (Mike Smeriglio III)Chevrolet154/2000handling0
2018-09Stafford Springs29 312Mayhew / Dunleavy's / AJ Romano Const.   (Mike Smeriglio III)Chevrolet150/1500running30
2018-15Stafford Springs31 632Mayhew Tools   (Mike Smeriglio III)Chevrolet150/1500running13
2019-04Stafford Springs34 212Mayhew Tools / AJ Romano Const.   (Mike Smeriglio III)Chevrolet200/2000running20
2019-10Stafford Springs31 132Mayhew Tools / Reynolds Auto Wrecking   (Mike Smeriglio III)Chevrolet159/1590running152
2019-15Stafford Springs34 232Mayhew Tools / Reynolds Auto Wrecking   (Mike Smeriglio III)Chevrolet150/1500running43
2020-08Stafford Springs27 3210Mayhew Tools   (Philip Moran)Chevrolet150/1500running0
2021-02Stafford Springs28 41210Mayhew Tools   (Philip Moran)Ford130/1300running18

59 starts, 8771 of 9383 laps completed (93.5%), 1962 laps led
Win: 12 ( 20.3%) Average start: 7.4 Total Winnings: $47,655
Top 5: 26 ( 44.1%) Average finish: 10.2
Top 10:37 ( 62.7%) DNF: 6