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Louis Chiron

Formula One Series Results (races)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerChassis / EngineLapsMoneyStatusLed
1931-01Monza16111212Automobiles Ettore BugattiBugatti T5144/1550differential43
1931-02Montlhery2312132Automobiles Ettore BugattiBugatti T51101/155010:08:31.495
1931-03Spa Francorchamps12 41112Automobiles Ettore BugattiBugatti T5144/880magneto22
1932-01Monza16 51210Automobiles Ettore BugattiBugatti T5439/830overheating8
1932-02Reims1611432Automobiles Ettore BugattiBugatti T5191/920+1 lap0
1932-03Nurburgring9 9517Ettore BugattiBugatti T516/250rear axle0
1935-01Monte Carlo15 7516Scuderia FerrariAlfa Romeo Tipo B/P397/1000+3 laps0
1935-02Montlhery12 51016Scuderia FerrariAlfa Romeo Tipo B/P38/400rear differential0
1935-03Spa Francorchamps10 3314Scuderia FerrariAlfa Romeo Tipo B/P334/340+136.00
1935-04Nurburgring23 61714Scuderia FerrariAlfa Romeo Tipo B/P35/220differential0
1935-05Bremgarten19101628Scuderia FerrariAlfa Romeo Tipo B/P37/700crash0
1935-07Lasarte1510720Scuderia FerrariAlfa Romeo Tipo B/P328/300engine0
1936-01Monte Carlo19 11510Daimler-Benz AGMercedes-Benz W25K1/1000crash0
1936-02Nurburgring20151418Daimler-Benz AGMercedes-Benz W25K11/220crash0
1950-01Silverstone21111819Officine Alfieri MaseratiMaserati 4CLT-48 / Maserati 1.5 L4C26/700clutch0
1950-02Monte Carlo21 8348Officine Alfieri MaseratiMaserati 4CLT-48 / Maserati 1.5 L4C98/1000+2 laps0
1950-04Bremgarten1716926Officine Alfieri MaseratiMaserati 4CLT-48 / Maserati 1.5 L4C39/420+3 laps0
1950-06Reims20 71430Officine Alfieri MaseratiMaserati 4CLT-48 / Maserati 1.5 L4C6/640engine0
1950-07Monza2719226Officine Alfieri MaseratiMaserati 4CLT-48 / Maserati 1.5 L4C13/800oil pressure0
1951-01Bremgarten2119730Enrico PlateMaserati 4CLT-48 / Maserati 1.5 L4C40/420+2 laps0
1951-03Spa Francorchamps13 91018Ecurie RosierTalbot-Lago T26C / Talbot 4.5 L628/360engine0
1951-04Reims24 8642Ecurie RosierTalbot-Lago T26C / Talbot 4.5 L671/770+6 laps0
1951-05Silverstone20131923Ecurie RosierTalbot-Lago T26C / Talbot 4.5 L641/900brakes0
1951-06Nurburgring23132085Ecurie RosierTalbot-Lago T26C / Talbot 4.5 L63/200ignition0
1951-07Monza24171320Ecurie RosierTalbot-Lago T26C / Talbot 4.5 L623/800ignition0
1951-08Pedralbes20121830Ecurie RosierTalbot-Lago T26C / Talbot 4.5 L64/700ignition0
1953-05Reims25251532Louis ChironOsca 20 / Osca43/600+17 laps0
1953-06Silverstone29292927Louis ChironOsca 20 / Osca0/900did not start0
1953-08Bremgarten23212112Louis ChironOsca 20 / Osca0/650did not start0
1953-09Monza30251032Louis ChironOsca 20 / Osca72/800+8 laps0
1955-02Monte Carlo2019632Scuderia LanciaLancia D50 / Lancia 2.5 V895/1000+5 laps0
1956-02Monte Carlo17171734Scuderia Centro SudMaserati 250F / Maserati 2.5 L60/1000did not start0