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Dave Carroll (owner)

NASCAR Xfinity Series Results (top 5s)

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2000-09Talladega4332426Bobby Hamilton, Jr.Chevrolet113/11321,025running0
2001-02Rockingham42 7526Bobby Hamilton, Jr.Chevrolet197/19719,900running0
2001-25Darlington4311526Bobby Hamilton, Jr.Chevrolet147/14720,125running0
2002-12Nazareth4326326Ron Hornaday, Jr.Chevrolet200/20023,550running2
2002-17Milwaukee4315426Ron Hornaday, Jr.Chevrolet250/25022,150running0
2002-19Chicago4314526Ron Hornaday, Jr.Chevrolet200/20034,000running0
2002-20Gateway43 2226Ron Hornaday, Jr.Chevrolet200/20046,950running141
2002-21Pikes Peak43 7426Ron Hornaday, Jr.Chevrolet250/25036,775running37