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Johnny Borneman, III

NASCAR K&N Pro Series West Results (top 5s)

(1970-present only)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
2000-05Laguna Seca251038Red Line Oil / Borneman Plastering   (John Borneman)Ford69/699,710running39
2001-03Tucson24 618Red Line Oil / Borneman Plastering   (John Borneman)Ford252/25213,610running46
2001-11Irwindale241828Red Line Oil / Borneman Plastering   (John Borneman)Ford250/2509,495running0
2002-05Evergreen18   (John Borneman)Ford200/2008,025running0
2002-06Irwindale21   (John Borneman)Ford200/2003,293running1
2002-07Stockton18 218Borneman Plastering / Red Line Oil   (John Borneman)Ford202/20212,585running202
2003-03Fontana28 148Wood-Ease / Red Line Oil   (John Borneman)Ford100/10010,755running22
2003-04Madera19 938Borneman Plastering / Red Line Oil   (John Borneman)Ford152/1524,533running0
2003-08Stockton21 358Borneman Plastering / Red Line Oil   (John Borneman)Ford207/2073,141running0
2003-12Mesa Marin261058Borneman Plastering / Red Line Oil   (John Borneman)Ford150/1502,577running31
2004-06Irwindale261758Borneman Plastering / Red Line Oil   (John Borneman)Ford157/1571,750running47
2004-10Phoenix28 538Borneman Plastering / Red Line Oil   (John Borneman)Ford150/1505,100running32
2005-08Pikes Peak20 938Borneman Plastering / Red Line Oil   (John Borneman)Ford150/1505,705running0
2005-09Fontana25 228Borneman Plastering / Red Line Oil   (John Borneman)Ford100/10011,500running14
2006-03Stockton22 728Borneman Plastering / Red Line Oil   (John Borneman)Ford155/1555,384running0
2006-07Irwindale282338Borneman Plastering / Red Line Oil   (John Borneman)Ford200/2004,263running0
2006-08Evergreen201118Borneman Plastering / Red Line Oil   (John Borneman)Ford250/2509,816running87
2006-11Thunder Hill221248Borneman Plastering / Red Line Oil   (John Borneman)Ford200/2003,462running0
2006-12Altamont231538Borneman Plastering / Red Line Oil   (John Borneman)Ford200/2003,641running0
2007-05Iowa421728Twisted X Boots / Red Line Oil   (John Borneman, Jr.)Ford200/2005,945running0
2007-08Douglas County181528Twisted X Boots / Red Line Oil   (John Borneman, Jr.)Ford150/1505,250running0
2007-10Tooele21 848Twisted X Boots / Red Line Oil   (John Borneman, Jr.)Ford41/416,088running0
2008-01Roseville252248Twisted X Boots / Red Line Oil   (John Borneman)Ford153/1534,109running0
2008-07Irwindale31 838Twisted X Boots / Red Line Oil   (John Borneman)Ford200/2002,500running0
2008-08Douglas County19 628Twisted X Boots / Red Line Oil   (John Borneman)Ford150/1504,000running0
2009-05Iowa37 458Borneman Plastering / Red Line Oil   (John Borneman)Chevrolet200/2002,000running0
2009-07Sonoma401658Twisted X Boots / Red Line Oil   (John Borneman)Ford64/643,500running5
2016-01Irwindale2414561RTTI   (Rich Thompson)Ford150/1500running0