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Ross Bentley

CART / CCWS Results (races)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerChassis / EngineLapsMoneyStatusLed
1990-12Vancouver26261827Spirit of Vancouver   (John McCully)Lola / Cosworth77/9713,714running0
1991-13Vancouver22191319Shell / Cantel / Hankook   (Dale Coyne)Lola / Cosworth90/10032,220running0
1992-01Queensland23211139Dale Coyne Racing   (Dale Coyne)Lola / Cosworth61/650running0
1992-05Belle Isle25232039Dale Coyne Racing   (Dale Coyne)Lola / Cosworth33/770electrical0
1992-06Portland25231739Dale Coyne Racing   (Dale Coyne)Lola / Cosworth91/1020running0
1992-09Toronto25221439Spirit of Canada   (Dale Coyne)Lola / Buick94/1030running0
1992-10Michigan24232339Spirit of Canada   (Dale Coyne)Lola / Buick7/2500transmission0
1992-11Cleveland26251839Spirit of Canada   (Dale Coyne)Lola / Cosworth75/850running0
1992-13Vancouver23211439Dale Coyne Racing   (Dale Coyne)Lola / Cosworth64/1000engine0
1993-01Queensland26221739AGFA / Rain-X   (Dale Coyne)Lola / Chevrolet56/650running0
1993-02Phoenix25251239AGFA / Rain-X   (Dale Coyne)Lola / Chevrolet183/2000running0
1993-03Long Beach28261539AGFA / Rain-X   (Dale Coyne)Lola / Chevrolet101/1050running0
1993-05Milwaukee25231439AGFA / Rain-X   (Dale Coyne)Lola / Chevrolet190/2000running0
1993-07Portland29261539AGFA / Rain-X   (Dale Coyne)Lola / Chevrolet97/1020running0
1993-08Cleveland29251639AGFA / Rain-X   (Dale Coyne)Lola / Chevrolet79/850running0
1993-09Toronto29272539AGFA / Rain-X   (Dale Coyne)Lola / Chevrolet28/1030transmission0
1993-10Michigan23231639AGFA / Rain-X   (Dale Coyne)Lola / Chevrolet222/2500running0
1993-12Elkhart Lake29271739AGFA / Rain-X   (Dale Coyne)Lola / Chevrolet47/500running0
1993-13Vancouver26211739AGFA / Rain-X   (Dale Coyne)Lola / Chevrolet46/1020gearbox0
1993-15Nazareth26242239AGFA / Rain-X   (Dick Simon)Lola / Chevrolet170/2000running0
1994-07Portland32312239AGFA   (Dale Coyne)Lola / Ilmor95/1020running0
1994-08Cleveland31302939AGFA   (Dale Coyne)Lola / Ilmor19/850suspension0
1994-09Toronto31301939AGFA   (Dale Coyne)Lola / Ilmor81/980oil pressure0
1994-10Michigan28271939AGFA   (Dale Coyne)Lola / Ilmor116/2500manifold0
1994-12Loudon28272239AGFA   (Dale Coyne)Lola / Ilmor37/2000handling0