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Mario Andretti

AAA / USAC Champ Car Series Results (poles)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerChassis / EngineLapsMoneyStatusLed
1965-05Langhorne22 1212Dean Van Lines   (Al Dean)Brawner / Ford100/1004,704running33
1965-08IRP24 1112Dean Van Lines   (Al Dean)Brawner / Ford80/803,750running43
1965-18Phoenix26 1212Dean Van Lines   (Al Dean)Brawner / Ford200/2003,618running183
1966-01Phoenix23 1151Dean Van Lines   (Al Dean)Brawner / Ford48/150252spun out46
1966-02Trenton22 141Dean Van Lines   (Al Dean)Brawner / Ford101/1021,629running64
1966-03Indianapolis33 1181Dean Van Lines   (Al Dean)Hawk / Ford27/20025,120valve16
1966-04Milwaukee22 111Dean Van Lines   (Al Dean)Brawner / Ford100/1009,633running100
1966-05Langhorne22 111Dean Van Lines   (Al Dean)Brawner / Ford100/1005,277running100
1966-06Atlanta30 111Dean Van Lines   (Al Dean)Brawner / Ford200/20012,000running200
1966-11Milwaukee26 111Dean Van Lines   (Al Dean)Brawner / Ford200/20010,008running159
1966-14Trenton26 111Dean Van Lines   (Al Dean)Brawner / Ford200/2006,743running199
1966-16Phoenix26 111Dean Van Lines   (Al Dean)Brawner / Ford200/2006,136running153
1967-02Trenton21 111Dean Van Lines   (Al Dean)Brawner / Ford150/1506,997running150
1967-03Indianapolis33 1301Dean Van Lines   (Al Dean)Hawk / Ford58/20021,048lost wheel0
1967-12Mont-Tremblant19 111Dean Van Lines   (Al Dean)Brawner / Ford36/367,376running36
1967-17Trenton26 1251Dean Van Lines   (Al Dean)Brawner / Ford5/200143crash4
1968-04Trenton23 122Overseas National Airways   (Mario Andretti)Brawner / Ford150/1503,962running8
1968-13IRP26 122Overseas National Airways   (Mario Andretti)Brawner / Ford40/400running16
1968-17Mont-Tremblant20 112Overseas National Airways   (Mario Andretti)Brawner / Ford38/380running26
1968-18Mont-Tremblant15 112Overseas National Airways   (Mario Andretti)Brawner / Ford38/385,902running38
1968-22Indianapolis18 122Overseas National Airways   (Mario Andretti)Kuzma / Offy100/1008,662running0
1968-24Sacramento18 142Overseas National Airways   (Mario Andretti)Kuzma / Offy100/1001,469running0
1968-25Michigan26 122Overseas National Airways   (Mario Andretti)Brawner / Offy124/12511,225running1
1968-27Phoenix26 1242Overseas National Airways   (Mario Andretti)Brawner / Offy6/200271crash0
1969-02Hanford25 112STP Oil Treatment   (Andy Granatelli)Brawner / Ford134/1348,686running134
1969-04Milwaukee24 172STP Oil Treatment   (Andy Granatelli)Brawner / Ford141/1503,552running89
1969-05Langhorne24 152STP Oil Treatment   (Andy Granatelli)Brawner / Ford147/1502,426running41
1969-09Trenton26 112STP Oil Treatment   (Andy Granatelli)Brawner / Ford134/13412,017running58
1969-22Kent17 122STP Oil Treatment   (Andy Granatelli)Brawner / Ford45/457,688running0
1970-01Phoenix24 1131STP Oil Treatment   (Andy Granatelli)Brawner / Ford78/1501,766valve14
1970-05Milwaukee24 151STP Oil Treatment   (Andy Granatelli)McNamara / Ford149/1504,551running0
1970-09IRP24 1181STP Oil Treatment   (Andy Granatelli)McNamara / Ford14/60957crash0
1970-17Sacramento18 1141STP Oil Treatment   (Andy Granatelli)King / Ford69/1001,142crash1
1972-07Milwaukee25 1119Viceroy   (Vel Miletich)Parnelli / Offy108/2002,760locked wheel107
1973-15College Station26 11711Viceroy   (Vel Miletich)Parnelli / Offy39/100987valve19
1974-05Trenton19 195Viceroy   (Vel Miletich)Parnelli / Offy73/1342,134piston33
1987-01Indianapolis33 195Hanna Car Wash   (Newman Haas Racing)Lola / Chevy180/200368,063ignition170