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Justin Allgaier

ARCA Menards Series Results (races)

(1985-present only)

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#Sponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
2002-16Springfield40291799Hoosier Tire Midwest / Law Automotive   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet99/1000running0
2002-18DuQuoin4016114Hoosier Tire Midwest / Law Automotive   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet104/1050running0
2002-20Salem35271775Hoosier Tire Midwest / Law Automotive   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet195/2000running0
2003-04Salem34171286Hoosier Tire Midwest   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet196/2000running0
2003-05Toledo3318686Hoosier Tire Midwest   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet200/2000running7
2003-15Springfield35 92886Hoosier Tire Midwest / Law Automotive   (Mike Allgaier)Pontiac61/1000alternator0
2003-16Winchester34171586Hoosier Tire Midwest / Law Automotive   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet197/2030running0
2003-17DuQuoin37353086Hoosier Tire Midwest / Law Automotive   (Mike Allgaier)Pontiac27/1030overheating0
2003-19Salem35 6386Hoosier Tire Midwest   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet204/2040running0
2004-05Toledo33 22986Hoosier Tire Midwest / Law Automotive   (Mike Allgaier)Pontiac25/2040transmission12
2004-13Gateway35 62786Hoosier Tire Midwest / USAF   (Mike Allgaier)Pontiac33/1200engine0
2004-17Springfield36 71086Hoosier Tire Midwest / Trashman   (Mike Allgaier)Pontiac107/1070running0
2004-18Toledo34 3286Hoosier Tire Midwest / USAF / Trashman   (Mike Allgaier)Pontiac200/2000running3
2004-19DuQuoin39 8486Hoosier Tire Midwest / USAF / Trashman   (Mike Allgaier)Pontiac93/930running0
2005-03Salem34 73486Hoosier Tire Midwest / USAF / The Trashman   (Mike Allgaier)Pontiac0/2000did not start0
2005-07Milwaukee41 762Mueller's Sales & Service / U.S. Air Force   (Mike Allgaier)Pontiac150/1500running23
2005-10Kansas4020132Hoosier Tire Midwest / AG Tech / Trashman   (Mike Allgaier)Pontiac131/1340running0
2005-11Kentucky411252Hoosier Tire Midwest / AG Tech / Trashman   (Mike Allgaier)Pontiac100/1000running0
2005-14Gateway41 9292U.S. Air Force / AG Tech / Trashman   (Mike Allgaier)Pontiac87/1200crash0
2005-18Springfield35 127Hoosier Tire Midwest/USAF/AG Tech/Trashman   (Mike Allgaier)Pontiac100/1000running8
2005-19Toledo35 842Hoosier Tire Midwest/AG Tech/USAF/Trashman   (Mike Allgaier)Pontiac205/2050running0
2005-20DuQuoin39 447Hoosier Tire Midwest/AG Tech/USAF/Trashman   (Mike Allgaier)Pontiac100/1000running41
2006-03Salem35 21816Hoosier Tire Midwest/AG Tech/Trashman/USAF   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet185/2000running0
2006-04Winchester35 2716Hoosier Tire Midwest / Trashman / USAF   (Mike Allgaier)Pontiac202/2020running48
2006-05Kentucky41 6416Hoosier Tire Midwest / Trashman / USAF   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet103/1030running0
2006-06Toledo3522216SK Hand Tool / Trashman / USAF   (Mike Allgaier)Pontiac214/2140running0
2006-07Pocono41 31516Hoosier Tire Midwest / Trashman / USAF   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet87/880running2
2006-08Michigan41204016Century Trading / Hardcore Motorsports   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet14/1000engine0
2006-09Kansas41 93816Hardcore Motorsports / AG Tech   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet4/1340crash0
2006-10Kentucky41253916Century Trading / AG Tech   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet11/1100engine0
2006-11Berlin35 5916Auto Express / Trashman   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet200/2000running0
2006-12Pocono41 31916AG Tech/USAF/Trashman/Hoosier Tire Midwest   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet78/800running0
2006-13Gateway41 83616Schluckebier Farms / AG Tech / Trashman   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet48/1420overheating0
2006-14Nashville41131616AG Tech / Hoosier Tire Midwest / Trashman   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet143/1460running0
2006-15Michigan41174016Century Trading / Hoosier Tire / AG Tech   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet20/1050engine0
2006-16Springfield36 3116Hoosier / Trashman / Schluckebier Farms   (Mike Allgaier)Pontiac100/1000running1
2006-17Milwaukee41 5416Auto Xpress / AG Tech / Hoosier Tire Midwest   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet200/2000running64
2006-18Toledo3511416Century Trading / AG Tech / USAF   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet202/2020running0
2006-19DuQuoin36 73216AG Tech / Hoosier Tire Midwest / USAF   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet41/1000crash0
2006-20Chicago41292916Century Trading / Auto Xpress / Hoosier Tire   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet94/1340brakes1
2006-21Salem35 4316Hoosier Tire Midwest/AG Tech/Trashman/USAF   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet200/2000running0
2006-22Talladega41282616AG Tech / K & N Filters   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet79/810crash0
2006-23Iowa41242516Auto Xpress / K&N Filters / AG Tech   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet196/2500crash0
2007-01Daytona4131716AG Tech / Trashman / Hoosier Tire Midwest   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet80/800running0
2007-02Lakeland4019416Hoosier Midwest / AG Tech / Trashman / USAF   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet253/2530running0
2007-03Nashville40271116AG Tech / Trashman / Hoosier Midwest / USAF   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet112/1130running0
2007-04Salem35 31016Hoosier Midwest / Auto Xpress / USAF   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet200/2000running0
2007-05Kansas4114816AG Tech / Trashman / Hoosier Midwest / USAF   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet100/1000running0
2007-06Winchester34202916Auto Xpress/U.S. Air Force/Hoosier Midwest   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet45/2000overheating0
2007-07Kentucky40131016AG Tech / Trashman / Hoosier Midwest / USAF   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet100/1000running0
2007-08Toledo35 21416AG Tech   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet198/2000running10
2007-09Iowa38 5716AG Tech   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet250/2500running47
2007-10Pocono4114816Allgaier Racing   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet80/800running0
2007-11Michigan40 53116U.S. Air Force   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet63/1000crash0
2007-12Berlin33 5516Allgaier Racing   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet200/2000running26
2007-13Kentucky41334016AG Tech LLC   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet1/1000crash0
2007-14Pocono4010616AG Tech   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet80/800running0
2007-15Nashville40 63016U.S. Air Force   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet76/1130running0
2007-16Springfield41 51116Justin Allgaier Motorsports   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet100/1000running0
2007-17Milwaukee41152316AG Tech / Roundy's   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet173/2000running0
2007-18Gateway40 4416Schluckebier Farms / AG Tech   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet120/1200running12
2007-19DuQuoin40 62216U.S. Air Force   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet100/1000running17
2007-20Chicago40282716USAF / Schluckbeier Farms / AG Tech   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet98/1340running0
2007-21Salem34 4116Schluckebier Farms / USAF   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet200/2000running73
2007-22Talladega41301316AG Tech / Schluckebier Farms / Auto Xpress   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet94/940running0
2007-23Toledo35 42616Bicycle / Rite Aid / AG Tech   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet181/2000running7
2008-01Daytona4330216AG Tech / Hoosier Tire Midwest   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet80/800running0
2008-02Salem35 3116AG Tech / Hoosier Midwest / Simpson Safety   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet204/2040running36
2008-03Iowa41 4216AG Tech / Hoosier Midwest / Simpson Safety   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet250/2500running83
2008-04Kansas40 63016AG Tech / Hoosier Midwest / Simpson Safety   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet83/1000engine0
2008-05Rockingham50 82716AG Tech / Hoosier Midwest / Simpson Safety   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet277/3120running0
2008-06Kentucky41142116Hoosier Tire Midwest / AG Tech   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet110/1120running0
2008-07Toledo35 6416Hoosier Tire Midwest / AG Tech   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet204/2040running0
2008-08Pocono38 2516Hoosier Tire Midwest / AG Tech / Auto Xpress   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet86/860running20
2008-09Michigan41 43716AG Tech / Hoosier Midwest / Hot Hues   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet77/1000running0
2008-10Hamilton33 7116Zoller & Bergfield Farming / AG Tech   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet257/2570running57
2008-11Kentucky4110316AG Tech / Hoosier Tire   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet104/1040running0
2008-12Berlin31 1216AG Tech / Hoosier Tire Midwest   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet200/2000running59
2008-13Pocono41 2116AG Tech / Hoosier Tire Midwest   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet80/800running30
2008-14Nashville41 4816CARFAX / Venturini Motorsports   (Bill Venturini)Chevrolet117/1170running15
2008-15Springfield36 9616Hoosier Midwest / AG Tech / Schlossers   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet102/1020running0
2008-16DuQuoin40151616Hoosier Midwest / AG Tech / Auto Xpress   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet102/1020running0
2008-17Chicago4116416Hoosier Midwest / AG Tech / Auto Xpress   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet136/1360running0
2008-18Salem30 6416Hoosier Midwest / AG Tech / Auto Xpress   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet200/2000running0
2008-19Millville3910116Hoosier Tire Midwest / AG Tech   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet48/480running14
2008-20Talladega4325116Hoosier Tire Midwest / AG Tech   (Mike Allgaier)Dodge94/940running1
2008-21Toledo35 9116Hoosier Tire Midwest / AG Tech / Auto Xpress   (Mike Allgaier)Chevrolet200/2000running38
2021-15Springfield16 8416Schluckebeier Farms / Schnapp Sewer Service /   (Roy Kovski)Chevrolet100/1000running0